Trans for Obama: Midnight

In case you didn’t read along all day, here’s what happened: We started the day at 105 donors and $5400. We ended the day (midnight, EST) at 196 donors and $10,746. That’s a net of 91 donors and $5346 for Obama’s campaign. We did good! Bloggers that posted:

I suspect we will make our goal of 200 if we use midnight time (PDT) I’m sure, but I’ve got to go to bed. Our cat Aeneas had an echocardiogram and 6 teeth pulled today, so I’m emotionally exhausted on more than one front.

This being the trans community, I’m sure that there will be criticism of this event, so I’ll tell you why I got so fired up about this idea & spent the day blogging it: because for me, it’s meaningful not just for an historically gay & lesbian organization like Nat’l Stonewall Democrats to set up a page for trans community donations, but that it’s important for the trans community to respond with enthusiasm when we get an org that is willing to work with us. I think that’s at least as important as criticizing orgs that take us for granted.

More than that, I believe in visibility. There was no minimum donation required, so that your “vote” (or your existence) could count very easily, even for $1. Political visibility is important – and this event made us visible not just to LGBT people, but on a national political landscape where we are, sadly, almost completely invisible. Or, as Angie at Dakota Women put it:

This is a great way to increase trans visibility, so when the election is over, we can point to exact dollars that the trans community and its allies brought in. That. Is. Huge. Whether you identify as trans or a trans ally, this is a win-win. You get to help make sure that we’re not all crying in our beers the day after election day, and help demonstrate the power of the trans community and its supporters–all at the same time!

Right on. For me, personally – well, I live in NY which always goes for the Democratic nominee for President, so it was nice to get to do something that had a little more reach.

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  1. Damn, I don’t qualify as a blogger! Oh well, the point was to give money to Obama via that site. If I’m not recognized for it, that’s OK (snif). I must be unselfish about this! I’m glad I gave him way more than a dollar.

  2. we f*cking rock. helen, you rock the most. bless yer cheerleading heart, and all our good hearted work today.

    lots more to do, but i agree with you, helen — today, we trannies made an indelible mark on American politics. that blows me away.

    big love, big respect

  3. yes we do WE are Trans and we vote i want to beat Americablog i am obsessed with the Notion of showing those elitests scoooters like Avororis…

    Kate you may not see this but it is soooo great you are bloggin again and i hope you are feeling much better..

    Damn Betty you may not write much on your blog but GOOD on YA posting on KOS – right on Visability –

    We live, we vote and we will get an inclusive ENDA

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