Stay Safe, NOLA

Hurricane Gustav is about to bear down on the lovely city of New Orleans, nearly three years to the day Katrina did.

Stay safe.

(& the Republicans, in keeping with their shite response to Katrina, are going ahead with their conference despite it. You’d think they’d show some fucking respect.)

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  1. I wonder who Pat Robertson and that ilk will blame it on this time…hmmm could it be satan or the republican….

    They have so few to attend their convention , respect, compassion, might come in handy to buy them some time..

    but more to the point – please please dear goddess spare NOLA complete destruction again – this is so bad. Those wetlands must be rebuilt by letting the mississippi run its course and deliver the silt it needs to. There are not enough cat 5 levees to keep that city safe – the WETLANDS , mother Nature is the safety net for it.

  2. I agree. Several hours ago I made an entry on my blog with a visualization that I’m hoping lots of people will try. Thought is power, we have the ability to manifest our will in our own lives, working together, we can manifest it in a larger sphere.

    Gustave is projected to be a Force (or Category) FIVE hurricane when it makes landfall in the gulf coast. Katrina was a also a Force FIVE. NOLA is still trying to recover now three years later. So short form, pray, AND visualize the storm getting weaker and weaker. Let’s conspire to prove the weather folks wrong and have it fall apart ASAP. It’s hurting Cuba now, lets try and take the force, the energy out of that storm and dump it into the ground near us. This will spread it out over a very wide area, and keep the cycle of energy complete.

    Give it a try. What can it hurt right? You’ll know it’s working when you feel a little tingle throughout your body as the energy passes on it’s way to the ground. I’ve been doing this since I found out early this morning.


  3. I certainly hope that people get out and are safe. As for the power of thought, my fervent visualizing of W’s head exploding hasn’t done anything for 7 years. Not even a tingle. Sorry.

    My thoughts are with the people there, of course, but I’m ready to send money and material after the inevitable bungling of the impending disaster.

  4. The Republicans are going to make political hay out of this disaster. Bush & Cheney have announced they won’t attend the Convention in St.Paul, so they can “attend” to Gustav (since they did such a great job with Katrina). This is a perfect scenario for the Republicans — creating distance that isn’t there. You can bet the Republicans will continue to make a “political show” out of this impending tragedy. Assholes.

  5. Hi Dr. Truffle… I can recommend some “consciousness curriculum” that can help you with your visualization techniques…. But it might be necessary to change some of your primary premises…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    As to Gustav, the Devas are shining on the Repubs. It is a mixed bag for them but with some heavy positives. If their strategy is right, it can be very beneficial for them. Here is are the plusses:

    1. Pres Bush and VP Cheney are not coming. President Bush is “not” speaking at the convention. Rhetorically, lets ask a question. If you are McCain, do you “W” to speak at “your” convention? That answer is pretty self evident to me. Further, he is not speaking at the convention because McCain asked the President of the United States not to attend. He is not attending because of a valid governance issue. That means he does not make viewers think “W”. (McCain is smiling). Yet the 30% approx of the electorate that still give Bush generally positive ratings (hard core Repubs partisans) don’t get mad at McCain for “not” inviting you. For McCain it is a “win, win”.

    2. Bobby Jindahl, an up and coming conservative Repub Governor, is really pulling out all the stops to get prepared for this hurricane. He has already called out the National Guard and evacuated the sick and elderly. I think he has already asked for Fed funds which, of course will be pored into the region by the admin. Look for the focus to be on a comparison of the previous Democratic Governor’s performance handling Katrina and Jindahl’s handling of Gustav. This can be a big plus for the Repubs “if” Jindahl handles the storm well.

    The images of a successful handling of a major hurricane also neutralizes some of the images of Katrina and the incompetence.

    The downside for the Repubs pertains to convention frivolity. They will really have to tone down the convention. However, from watching past Repub conventions, that will not be too difficult for them.

    All told, if their marketing machine is on top of this, it appears to be a stronger plus than negative for McCain.

  6. Kind of like…”See, we didn’t fuck it up so bad on the second try…”
    I always wanted to ask Pat Robertson why “God” spared the French Quarter and the Gayest part of New Orleans and let the God-fearing people of the Mississippi coast get washed away completely..
    Catrina..I kind of agree with you here: in this insanely divided country of ours it’s a coin toss. Palin could be great,could be a problem, Gastav could help the Repubs, or it could just be more salt in the wounds of deeply conservative red state that just maybe might want to go a little bluer this time.
    Bush shows up or doesn’t, it’s the same can’t really win, so Gustav gives him and Cheney and excuse.
    Palin seems to be a good shot,given the images we’ve seen, less likely to shoot someone in the face. Son deploying to Iraq on September 11? Forgive me for a cynical moment there…..

  7. Hi DivaD:
    Thanks for “getting it”. Loved your last points. LOL 🙂 Its that close. Louisiana actually was a blue State until Katrina. The State had elected permanent Democratic Governors since Huey Long until Bobby Jindahl. Presently all Senators are Dems, John Breaux and Mary Landrieu, etc. Yes, they did vote for Bush. But they also went for for Bill, as I recall, in the past.

    However, Katrina blew the core Democratic constituency, practically the entire New Orleans population, to the wind. Hence Statewide, Landrieu is in big trouble for re-election this year, even in a Dem year, because there is not the NOLA vote to counter balance the rest of the State. Louisiana is moving “from” Blue to Red unless the NOLA populations moves back.

    Politics is a moving target… Like your incisive comment, its a coin toss.

  8. A suggestion. Why don’t you start a separate political web site where you can post these kinds of things? I come to this web site for gender information. I don’t mind cat postings, literature postings or information about your teaching activities, but politics tends to bring out the worst in too many people. Why not keep this board gender related so that you don’t cause too much emotional consternation with your readers?


  9. A suggestion. The message board that Helen runs is by rule politics-free.

    There’s also the option of, you know: not reading the non-gender information postings.

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