My only sign of aging this week is that anti-wrinkle commercials have really started to piss me off. Especially that one with Andie McDowell, who weighs all of 12 lbs., talking about how hard it is to lose a dress size & how easy to lose your wrinkles.

You get wrinkles when you’re not young anymore. Deal.

5 Replies to “Deal”

  1. Wrinkles turn into creases, then crevices, then chasms…..

    Then time for a new body…. (if one believes in reincarnation)

    A little levity here…. Lets not debate…. 🙂

  2. Let’s see – she’s doing anti-wrinkle and hair color commercials these days, playing out how she’s hiding her aging – and she has the kind of job where she probably has to exercise aggressively 4-6 hours a day just to keep in the shape she’s in. If we all were to exercise like Hollywood types do and give up eating then we might look like them after a while.

    (This makes me think of the Family Guy episode where the son becomes an artist and starts dating Kate Moss – and she has problems disappearing in cracks in the floor and being blown out open windows and floating to the ground…)

  3. At 53, I have resolutely avoided getting wrinkles to date, and plan to do so as long as possible. (There is, of course, a painting of me, hidden in a closet, that hasn’t fared nearly so well.)

  4. one good thing about being overweight, the fat plumps out the wrinkles. Over 50, don’t go losing a lot of weight very fast, you will look like your own grandma overnight.
    Younger folks faces tighten back up, but older women need to be careful. I’d rather be fat than look older than I am.

    Granny Lizzy

  5. I haven’t watched Family Guy in ages. They’re doing Kate Moss jokes? Seriously? I mean, I know the show wasn’t around in 1997, but surriously, Kate Moss? Maybe Jay Leno could give Family Guy a call, y’know, and give ’em a few Bill Clinton cigar jokes.

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