Gendered Lessons

Humorless Feminist checking in again – but have you seen the recent Dairy Queen commercial for the Brownie Wafflebowl Sundae? A little girl goes into the DQ with her mom. Sees little boy already seated at table. Waves cutely, smiled, bats eyelashes. Tells mom she doesn’t want a sundae after all. Once mom & daughter are seated at table, mom says how surprised she is that she didn’t want a sundae. Simultaneously, waiter brings sundae to table, says, “compliments of the young man in the monkey shirt.” Same boy as before waves, smiles.

How fucked up is that? That’s right, let’s teach the girls to flirt to get what they want before they’re even 10. Feh.

Imagine it the other way around – a little boy either acting coy & cute so a girl would buy him a sundae, or if the boy acted all touch & strong in order for her to buy him one.

Degrading much?

One Reply to “Gendered Lessons”

  1. just got this:

    Dear Ms. Boyd,

    Thank you for contacting International Dairy Queen, Inc. (IDQ) with your comments regarding our commercials featuring Waffle Bowl Sundaes.

    I am truly sorry that our commercial has upset you and that we have disappointed you.

    Your concerns have been documented and forwarded to all appropriate IDQ personnel for their review. We are taking your comments seriously and will take them into consideration as we review our advertising plans for the remainder of this year.

    Best regards,
    Carolyn Kidder
    Senior Consumer Relations Manager

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