He Can Say It

From The Stranger:

Obama’s rally in Beaumont today was the highest-energy of this Texas swing, with a crowd that was about three-quarters black cheering at almost every turn.

An interesting moment came when he was asked a question about LGBT rights and delivered an answer that seemed to suit the questioner, listing the various attributes—race, gender, etc.—that shouldn’t trigger discrimination, to successive cheers. When he came to saying that gays and lesbians deserve equality, though, the crowd fell silent.

So he took a different tack:

“Now I’m a Christian, and I praise Jesus every Sunday,” he said, to a sudden wave of noisy applause and cheers. “I hear people saying things that I don’t think are very Christian with respect to people who are gay and lesbian,” he said, and the crowd seemed to come along with him this time.

(Do notice the comment left by Dan Savage. It’s #9.)

8 Replies to “He Can Say It”

  1. I have a dream, that someday it won’t matter if you’re black or white, gay or straight, trans or non-trans, male or female. You’re just plain human. And no one will use their minority status to make political hay.

    As I stated earlier, it’s a dream.


  2. Wow. Yeah, having “the right position” is one thing, but to actually be able to explain to people why they need to change their attitudes – holy cow, that’s Leadership.

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