To all of you who read me regularly, & all of you who participate/subscribe to the boards, or buy my books, or recommend them: thank you. It’s been a much longer, more chaotic year than I ever expected – it’s become the book tour that won’t end, which is, ultimately, a good thing – and it’s meant a lot for me to hear from so many of you who send me PMs or emails or who comment here.

Ha, it’s nice to know that when my head finally explodes someone will be there to see it.

(That’s going on the idea that my head hasn’t already exploded, & we’ve all failed to notice.)

I had someone write to me recently who hoped I would one day get all the awards & accolades that I deserve, and I’m sure I didn’t get into this for either. But knowing that sometimes something I’ve written has made someone feel a little less crazy, or less ashamed, or less shitty – that’s totally worth it. (Though I will take her wish that I one day score the kind of advances a writer can live on while writing, of course.)