Our Other Animals

As many of you know, Betty and I not only have two grey cats & one orange, we also have two gray fish and & one orange. It was all quite an accident, but it was still kind of Twilight Zone eerie when we realized it.
But the fish were once two grey fish (well really they’re silver & black sharks) and two orange, but we lost Eugene of the black stripes when we were on our honeymoon. We were novice fish owners then, and lost him out of ignorance.
But now our Miss Emma is sick, upside down sick, and it doesn’t look very good for her. We’re doing everything we can – including trying to manually feed her green peas – but so far no luck. She’s still fighting, though – she tries to wrestle herself to an upright position for a while, then gets tired and rests, and then goes back to trying to right herself.
It may seem silly to be worried about a fish, especially when you have three cats you feed salmon and tuna to almost daily. But Emma is part of the family. We’ve had her longer than the cats, and we’re very used to walking into our orange bedroom to see the little patch of orange in the tank wave her silky orange fins at us. I call her our Disney fish, because she really does just need eyelashes to look like an orange femme fatale.
So while Betty is out at a Phoenix Theatre Ensemble fundraiser, I watch the hospital tank we have Emma in, and hope for the best.