Saturday Night

Saturday night, Betty and I went to a birthday party for the President of NCTE that was also an NCTE fundraiser, and while we didn’t stay long, we did manage to find Michelle and Mara Keisling – and took them with us to Silver Swan once Betty and I paid for one beer + one glass of wine that cost us $17.
We met a CD from Chicago named Rebecca while we were there, & she took a nice photo of the bunch of us, and since she got everyone’s permission to post it on her blog, I thought I’d cross-post it here:
swan group
Back Row: Betty, Michelle
Front Row: Helen, Mara, Michelle, Jamie, Rebecca.

We didn’t stay till 6am with all of them, but we did go home awfully late & awfully drunk. (Okay, well I was drunk, but that’s because I haven’t adjusted to how fast I get drunk now that I’m dieting & can’t eat a bowl of pasta before I go out = cheap date.)
& No, we’re never going back to Crobar again. Way too bridge and tunnel for me, and I hate clubs where everyone’s wearing jeans and t-shirts. BOring. Though while we were in a cab, an SUV full of party girls started emptying its contents, groups of two & threes of these trashy looking girls, & they just kept coming until it was like a skank version of a clown car. Very amusing.