Christmas Past

Betty and I had one of the nicest Christmases in recent memory this past weekend. I’m not sure how, but everything came together in a good way for us – including a surprise bonus from her boss that made us feel a little less guilty about buying each other presents (though I never feel entirely unguilty, being both Catholic and only partly employed). (Or is that fully employed but underpaid? Something like that.)
I got a new printer/fax/scanner which was badly needed (and deductible!), new cufflinks (NYC subway tokens, even), a new tie bar and a new tie. Also some underwear, and tea, and chocolate truffles. Books (but only one about gender!), Wig in a Box. (I’ll let Betty tell y’all what she got.) We spent the day at my sister and brother-in-law’s place, as per usual, and it was a quiet, pleasant Christmas, with us mostly playing with their new kittens and eating and playing with kittens and talking and… watching kittens sleep.
Tomorrow my entire clan gathers at her place to exchange presents and eat (and no doubt, play with kittens), and I’m looking forward to it; I haven’t seen my parents since they moved to Florida this summer, and my siblings and nieces/nephews in about as long.