Betty in the NYT

From the Tuesday, January 18th edition of The New York Times and an article titled “Actors Exit One Troupe to Build Another”:
“The longtime familiarity among the actors was critical, said Jason Crowl, who played Titorelli, the artist who finally reveals to Joseph K. the truth of his horrible situation, as a sinister, epicene figure. Mr. Crowl left the Cocteau about two years ago because he was unhappy.
Mr. Crowl, who describes himself as transgendered, said, “I wouldn’t have made Titorelli as interesting as he was if I didn’t know the people in the cast and couldn’t say, ‘I’m going to make him freaky and androgynous and hope everyone is O.K. with that.’ ”
That would be my husband Betty. I’m newly amazed by her bravery, coming out in the paper of note.
(Thanks to Eddie Izzard for opening the door.)