This Week's Action – 3/7/04

The TG Community has got to increase visibility. Crossdressers, t-girls, transgendered people, transsexuals, = all of us = have got to keep the media aware that we want to see positive portrayals, and have got to insist that the law does not discriminate against us.
In that spirit, I am going to post a weekly “action.”
This week’s action:
Email CBS ( to thank them for covering TG/TS issues on last week’s “48 Hours.” Here’s my letter, which you can use as a template to send them, or write your own.
To the producers of “48 Hours”:
I am the wife of a TG person, and I wanted to thank you for the recent “48 Hours” show, “Trapped.” Your coverage was sensitive and accurate.
That said, it would be fantastic if you would cover more of the TG community, and not just transsexual lives. Crossdressers, drag kings, transbois – all of us who are TG – live lives that are invisible and little understood. More public awareness would be a great relief to many lives.
Again, thank you. Keep up the good work.
Helen Boyd
Brooklyn, NY