US Trans Survey Now Out

Today, the most recent US survey of trans people is out. Tune in at 1PM EST for a live launch event. Register to watch it. Here are some of intitial findings, about bathrooms: 59% have avoided bathrooms in the last… Continue Reading

WI LGBT Survey

Fair Wisconsin and Our Lives magazine need to hear from LGBT people – & their straight allies – who live in Wisconsin. Please fill out this survey for them, as both the organization and the magazine rock. We are fighting… Continue Reading

Bisexuality Survey

A group at Penn State are doing research into bisexuality and infidelity: My name is Krysta Kolbe, I work with Dr. Cory R. Scherer, we are a research team from Penn State University who are interested in learning about how… Continue Reading

Survey on Trans Language: 10 Years Later

Jamison Green, Jason Cromwell & Dallas Denny did a survey on trans terminology 10 years ago to try to educate people who were writing about trans issues. It’s a whole decade later, & they thought it needed an update, so… Continue Reading

Survey: By & For

There’s a new cool survey out for – and more importantly, by – trans people. Non trans people can take it too: it examines attitudes about self, gender, & relationships. The researcher explains: My advisor and I are painfully aware… Continue Reading

Survey: Partners Whose Husband Come Out as TG

SURVEY: “A Study in the Relationship between Changes in a Wife’s Self-Esteem and the Discovery that Her Husband is Transgender: What is the Perceived Meaning of the Discovery?” If you think you might be interested in participating in this survey,… Continue Reading

Sex Survey: Women, Trans

Here’s an interesting survey that is trans friendly and asks good questions. I took it.