Philly’s “Transiest Bill Ever”

Just to reiterate: this is great goddamn news: it will end discriminatory exclusion of health benefits for transgender City employees by Jan. 1, 2014 and allow employers offering health care to transgender employees to qualify for the “Equality Tax Credit”.… Continue Reading

And Back in the States…

… Arizona legislators want to make it illegal for people to use the “wrong” bathroom, and to make the offense punishable with fines and jail time. They’ve raised the usual bugaboo of pedophilia – which, if anyone has noticed, we… Continue Reading

Go Canada!

Canada has just passed a bill that would protect transgender people nationally. The Prime Minister voted against it, and it still has to make it through the Senate, but still: impressive. I’m adding a bit sent in by a reader… Continue Reading

CA Leads, Again

California’s Assembly voted Thursday to approve a bill that would prevent people from practicing “ex gay” therapy on minors. About damn time. & Way to go, California.

Fair Wisconsin: Wisconsin Court Upholds Domestic Partnerships

via Lambda Legal: Applying v. Doyle case summation, and the document of the actual ruling. (Madison, Wisconsin, Monday, June 20, 2011) – Today, the Circuit Court, Branch 11 in Dane County Wisconsin upheld as constitutional the state’s Domestic Partner Registry.… Continue Reading

Anti-Non-Discrimination, or Legal Discrimination

What the hell is going on in this country? While I find most of my students are surprised – and appalled – that there is no federal non-discrimination legislation that includes LGBTQs, states are now passing amendments to prevent any… Continue Reading

How Many More Gay People Does God Have to Create?

Passing Privilege and Maine Politics

Last week, Jennifer Finney Boylan spoke to the Maine legislature over gender inclusion in Maine’s non discrimination laws. She writes: Yesterday, I spoke to the Maine legislature’s Judiciary committee. A bill has been proposed to “exempt” transgender people from protections… Continue Reading

Institute of Medicine Recommends Studying LGBT Health Needs

& That’s not an April Fool’s joke! Honestly, you’d expect it would be, but it’s not: the IOM released a report that in order to address LGBT health disparities, LGBT health issues need to be studied further. Seems nutty, right,… Continue Reading


ENDA has been re-introduced in the House as of today, according to NCTE and TLDEF. More updates as they come through.

All Out: Help Brazil Pass a Hate Crimes Law

A 22 year old woman named Priscila was murdered execution style in Brazil. Too many LGBT people in Brazil – particularly trans people – are killed. A local group, All Out, is seeking a hate crimes law to help prevent… Continue Reading

Great News on Trans Marriage Rights in NYC

From the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund (TLDEF): We are happy to announce that the city of New York has adopted a new policy designed to ensure that transgender people have equal access to marriage licenses. The policy was… Continue Reading

Go Massachusetts!

The governor of MA just signed a law that bans discrimination against state employees who are trans. “This is going to make a real difference in the lives of transgender state workers and their families,” said G­unner Scott, executive director… Continue Reading

Canada’s ENDA

Canada’s version of ENDA – which adds both ‘gender identity’ and ‘gender expression’ has passed the House of Commons, and next it will need to pass the Senate.

Don’t Be Distracted: Women’s Lives Are at Stake

Egypt is fascinating and amazing and cool, and it’s easy to enjoy the good news of democracy in progress. That said, ours is being battered here in the US. The “forcible rape” language has not yet been removed, for instance.… Continue Reading

From NCTE: New HUD Rules

The National Center for Transgender Equality applauds President Obama and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for proposing new regulations, unveiled today, that would ensure that HUD’s programs would be open to all who need them, regardless… Continue Reading

Do Marry Me, Argentina

Congratulations to Argentina for being the first Latin American country to legalize same sex marriage. In Spain it’s been legal for a while. Which is my way of saying: not all primarily Catholic countries, & not all Catholics, are bigots.

NYS GENDA Defeated

Senator Lanza apparently takes his marching orders from Senator Diaz. Tell him how you feel about him retracting his yes vote at the last minute, ask Tom Duane why the hell he wasn’t there. Vote: 12 ayes, 11 nays, 0… Continue Reading

NYS GENDA on the Move

GENDA is moving in the Senate – call your Senator NOW! The Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) is on the Senate Judiciary Committee’s agenda for tomorrow morning. This vital civil rights bill will make it illegal to discriminate against transgender… Continue Reading

Good News: ENDA & DADT Update

ENDA & the bill to repeal DADT are supposed to go to the floor this month! Meanwhile, the whip count on ENDA, which Obama also backs, is entering its fifth week. The effort has most recently focused on rechecking support… Continue Reading