Crossdressers on NPR

It’s so rare to see a good story about crossdresser culture these days, but Veronica Vera, as ever, leads the way in this story from NPR. I love that there’s a wife interviewed as well: In fact, Pat came to… Continue Reading

Interview With An Out Crossdresser

A really nice short interview with crossdresser Miqqi Gilbert about Casa Susanna. There’s so few out CDs who are willing to be publicly know, and Miqqi has been for forever. This is a nice 4 minute introduction to the topic.

3 More Days of Casa Valentina

Only three more days of the show, so go while you can. Who knows when this play will be produced again?

Casa Valentina

So we were just in New York, and one of the awesome things we did was meet the cast and crew of Harvey Fierstein’s new play Casa Valentina. We didn’t get to see the whole thing – just a few… Continue Reading

Namecheck Dublin

What a groovy thing: My Husband Betty is mentioned in a cool online Dublin magazine called Totally Dublin, page 6: “Helen Boyd’s study of the relationships between crossdressers and their partners is a gender equality must-read, as well as a… Continue Reading