On a Landing

Not too long ago I went to what’s called “the Big Gay Conference” which is a conference for LGBTQIA ETC students who are attending colleges in the midwest. On Friday night, after we’d checked in and gotten Miss Bornstein checked… Continue Reading

Worse Than Janice Raymond

On a trans blog, during a conversation about Lady GaGa & her being supposedly intersex (information that I didn’t blog, because I don’t think it’s anyone’s goddamn business), I’ve been described as boyd ain’t no ally, that’s for sure. she’s… Continue Reading

In Defense of Autumn

Autumn Sandeen used to cull stories for the Transgender News Yahoo Group; she’s been blogging for forever, and not long ago became a key poster and moderator at Pam’s House Blend. Recently, people have given her holy hell for shutting… Continue Reading


One of the things I’ve always liked about Vanessa Edwards Foster is that she doesn’t lose sight of the goal: actual equality. I agree with her that our standards are low when it comes to justice for the trans people,… Continue Reading

CDM Leaves Tri-Ess

As of today, Chi Delta Mu, the Tri-Ess chapter of the tri-state area, voted to leave Tri-Ess and become an inclusive & independent trans group. At issue were the chapter’s non-compliance on three major required items: (1) that the local… Continue Reading

More on the Cis

The thing is, I love the anger in the trans community. I’m an old school punk rocker; anger is in my blood. So stay angry. Just don’t, as my mother would say, let it cut off your nose to spite… Continue Reading

Cis Hits the Fan

Have you all seen these arguments going on about the use of the word cis? Here’s Pam’s House Blend and Questioning Transphobia on the issue. Unfuckingbelievable. I hate the word myself, but it’s a useful lens on a type of… Continue Reading

Divorce Resources

Yes, it’s a depressing thought, but I’ve seen so many of them in the trans community over time that I thought I should share these two articles I found on the topic. One of called “What Every Married Woman Should… Continue Reading

TransOhio Conference 2009: August 14-16

I’ll be speaking at TransOhio’s annual conference this year, deliverying both a keynote and doing a workshop about sex & identity. When: August 14-16, 2009 Where: Columbus, Ohio What: Lots of cool workshops for trans people, their partners, & allies… Continue Reading

GLAAD Action Alert: KRXQ

TAKE ACTION: Demand that KRXQ Radio Hosts Rob Williams and Arnie States Apologize for Encouraging Violence Against Transgender Children June 2, 2009— In a lengthy May 28 tirade on the Rob, Arnie & Dawn in the Morning radio show heard… Continue Reading

Air America Interview

Welcome to any listeners from Air America who are popping over here after my interview on Nicole Sandler’s show. Here’s a link to the article by Jenny Boylan from the NYT. I’d like to reiterate that the trans community, for… Continue Reading

LGBT Parents’ Survey

A couple of students here at Lawrence are conducting a survey of LGBT families in the US, and would like the help of anyone (parents and children) who would like to give their perspective. I’ve attached the message from the… Continue Reading

News Round-Up

There’s been a lot going on: Susan Stanton finally got a job Angie Zapata’s murderer goes to trial with CO’s (gender inclusive) hate crimes law in effect Washington state seems to be ready to okay transgender hate crimes legislation Same… Continue Reading

Holly Would (Play with Gender)

Just got this cool press release which makes me wish I was anywhere near West Hollywood: Grrrl, boi, lezbo, butch, femme, lipstick, drag king, trans, dyke, bulldagger, tomboy, genderqueer, one-way, kiki, power femme … Each generation of lesbians uses new… Continue Reading

Femme Fever Gala Ball

The Femme Fever Gala Ball will be held on April 18, 2009 from 8pm to 12am & has been compared to a prom-like event. Betty & I have been to a few Femme Fever events & Karen hosts a great… Continue Reading

Gainesville’s Fight

Allyson Robinson posted this message about Equality Florida’s fight for a gender-inclusive non-discrimination law in Gainesville, Florida on our message boards, & I thought it deserved a larger audience: Many of you are aware of the fight brewing in Gainesville,… Continue Reading

Deaths in Memphis

There is a diarist at Daily Kos who has written about the high incidence of murder of African American trans women. Queerty (tongue in cheerk) predicts Memphis will reach out to the trans community as a result. I doubt it.… Continue Reading


One of the partners on our MHB boards mentioned recently that she’d never apply for an LGBT scholarship, because she doesn’t identify as LGBT, and it reminded me that I never told the story about me & the LGBT Blogger… Continue Reading

NYC HHC Report

Betsy Gotsbaum, NY’s Public Advocate, has released a report (pdf) that recommends way to improve the LGBT population’s access to healthcare. Among the recommendations: • Require in-house LGBT sensitivity training for all HHC employees. • Designate an LGBT liaison in… Continue Reading

Day 3

I’m still at the Blogger Initiative in DC & having a pretty cool time of it; yesterday I had lunch with the Victory Fund at the Mayflower Hotel & heard Barney Frank speak (more on that later) & ran into… Continue Reading