New Kids?

Posted by – July 2, 2013

My wife just discovered two gray kittens, brother & sister, at a local pet store.

Votes? Should we or shouldn’t we?

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  1. Debglam says:

    You KNOW that they are practically in your house already! =D


  2. helenboyd says:

    ha! yes, i do. this is them. at the very least, they need to be saved from these embarrassing names they’ve been given:

  3. Lizzy says:

    I do love fur-people! They will give you a lot of joy, but they DO pose a orob when you travel a whole lot, so consider that.


  4. STAGmom says:

    Yes! They need a loving home, and you have a loving home that needs kitties. It seems pretty straightforward to me. But then I have four cats and a dog and can’t imagine not having a houseful of furry kids.

  5. helenboyd says:

    they were adopted, & not by us. :(

    but we will find the right kid(s) when the time comes.

  6. Rosemary says:

    We have two ancient Burmese cats (please don’t mention that I called them ancient!). Actually they are are both about 18 years old. They can last until 22 at the most it seems but they are at least…..honourably mature. Their names are Bollie and Mollie….Bollie for Bollinger since he was the most effervescent young man and Mollie ..well she is sweet and somewhat brain damaged (rescued as the runt of the litter, malnourished and on her way to the discard pile when my partner and daughter rescued her). We live in daily anxiety at the prospect of their demise. We have no idea how we shall survive without our babies. I at least am sure they must be replaced and I even have names chosen-“Gin and Tonic”.
    The answer to your absurd question is yes of course you will take them but don’t expect them to be the same as Endymion have I got that name right?).
    Pics please.
    Dr Rosie

  7. Rosemary says:

    Ha it seems I am too late! Someone left the barn door open and the furries have fled the coop- like the mixed metaphors? There’s plenty more where they came from.
    Dr Rosie

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