Two Tune Tuesday: Final 2010 Edition

I’m loving this list of NPR listener-chosen albums of 2010, and even more the tracks off those albums. And while I can’t help but laugh when I hear Cee Lo Green’s “Fuck You” – ain’t that some shit? – my heart (and feet) go to Janelle Monae who is just fucking fantastic in her black & whites, tuxedos, & pompadour:

“Tightrope” is, hands down, my favorite song to dance around my apt to (not that I ever do that).

AND, because I live in this neck of the woods now, here is a list of the best albums to come out of Milwaukee this year. Kings Go Forth are like Philly soul all over again (though I haven’t seen them live yet), and I suspect Eric & Magill will hit bigger than they have so far. Fans of Rasputina / Dresden Dolls / Squirrel Nut Zippers absolutely need to check out Scarring Party.

4 Replies to “Two Tune Tuesday: Final 2010 Edition”

  1. Wow..thanks for this…I”m listening as we speak. I thought alt-rock was dead, but happily, no. Great to hear thoughtful music as opposed to the homogenized crap that Itunes pushes on you constantly.
    Janelle channels James Brown, Grace Jones and the voice of an angel: consider her downloaded…I’m dancing at the computer as we speak, tethered only by my headphones.

  2. ha! nice to hear it – the Cee Lo is mighty useful, walking around humming an upbeat tune while you’re secretly telling people what you *really* think.

    for some reason that song makes me think that someone’s granddaddy thinks it’s hysterical.

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