New Expedia Ad: Genderbent

The actor who plays the cool goth chick on NCIS is the new spokesperson for Expedia, and in the new commercial she does for them, she is showing various hotel rooms which are empty – or supposed to be empty – until she shows one where a man who has just taken a shower is walking across his room with a towel wrapped around his waist. He realizes in a split second that he can be seen, shrieks, and then — cups his breasts. I can’t describe it any other way because that’s exactly what he does: doesn’t cover his chest, doesn’t cross his arms — he cups his breasts. And shrieks.

There is nothing otherwise interesting about the ad, but that was especially unusual, and I have no idea if the gender variance is what’s being played for laughs or if the idea that she accidentally choosing the wrong room – she says “oops” or something similar – is what’s supposed to be funny.

3 Replies to “New Expedia Ad: Genderbent”

  1. It’s weird what the guy in the ad does–exactly what you describe (except he doesn’t shriek)–because he doesn’t have any breasts. Not even moobs really. Very odd.

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