“I’m a white man – you can’t even hurt my feelings.”

We are off to Milwaukee to see Louis CK, and damn are we excited.

(& Otherwise I keep thinking I’d like to show this clip in one of my classes, but I haven’t figured out which one.)

One Reply to ““I’m a white man – you can’t even hurt my feelings.””

  1. Helen, friendly and with all due respect, have you considered how this clip may be received by any person of color in your class? Here’s an issue that touches everyone who is not a white wo/man, and since I _became_ a person-of-color when I came to this country it’s even more upsetting to me. And although it’s supposed to be a humorous performance I guess (by who, I wonder), it brings up a really raw reality daily rubbed in the face of many people … I would suggest you ask others about this, and see if you can really show it in one of your classes. I’m not sure into what educational field it would belong.


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