Goodbye Tony Curtis

(with a Sheboygan reference, to boot)

The End of Suicide Prevention Month

A few days ago, during the last week of September which is Suicide Prevention Month, another LGBTQ teenager killed himself because of bullying. He was 13. First: Please remember that there is always someone to call. The Trevor Project 1-866-488-7386… Continue Reading

My Husband Bitchy

Every once in a while, I will hear that some MTF trans person has vigorously insisted that I am a bitter feminist nightmare and that no married crossdressser or transitioning transsexual should “let” their wives read My Husband Betty. Really,… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Me’Shell Ndegeocello

Sadly, this song is still a little too much the truth for LGBTQ kids of color. (and here’s another from a couple of years ago which is typically groovy) Me’Shell Ndegeocello – Leviticus: Faggot, The Sloganeer: Paradise


Sorry I’ve been so unusually absent from posting here; I can’t really explain it except to say that my mind has been on other things – what things, I don’t really know. The sad fact of it is that I’m… Continue Reading

Welcome to the Midwest?

I went to Appleton’s Oktoberfest today & tried a deep fried Snickers – disgusting, but still Snickers. What a country: you take a candy bar that’s already a day’s worth of calories and add more fat. Unbelievable. Still, Oktoberfest was… Continue Reading

Bye Bi

I almost missed it, but happy Celebrate Bisexuality day! (Honestly, shouldn’t bisexuals get two days?)

“It Gets Better.”

Dan Savage & his husband Terry talk about growing up gay, the assholes in high school, families you grow up in & families you create. Really beautiful stuff, and please, LGBT teens, watch it.

DADT Repeal Efforts Fail Because Republicans Suck

Amazing that in a country that loves its military, and especially by the party that is notorious for doing all the flag-waving, today failed to pass a bill that would make the military stronger. And they didn’t pass it because… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Old School

Old School Hip Hop for today. Does anyone else remember Shell’s Answer Man?

Bearded Lady

How cool is this? Wheeler’s facial fuzz had appeared at birth with an inch and a half of light hair covering her cheeks and chin. She says her mother wanted a daughter, and doctors were instructed to remove the male… Continue Reading

“I’m a white man – you can’t even hurt my feelings.”

We are off to Milwaukee to see Louis CK, and damn are we excited. (& Otherwise I keep thinking I’d like to show this clip in one of my classes, but I haven’t figured out which one.)

Park Slope Tornado

Apparently I made a deal with the tornado gods, because last night, what looks like a tornado touched down in Park Slope. These are photos from about a block away from our brownstone. Hope you all are okay. You NYers… Continue Reading


For the record, if you are a straight person, and have never been in a same sex relationship, identified as queer, or been visibly queer, you do not know for sure that your friends, family or colleagues are not homophobic.… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Save Me

Playlist seems to be crashing my browser, so just go to NPR & check out this cool dance track: Aretha Franklin remixed by 80s electronica duo OMD.

FTM’s Partner in the NYT

I wish the NYT had been this hip when my books came out – either of them! Still, it’s good to see they’re catching on. About a year after my partner’s surgery, we moved to a city in the Midwest… Continue Reading

Mad About the Boy: Yul Brynner in Drag

No one ever believes me that Yul Brynner did drag, so here’s proof. He was Jean Cocteau’s opium runner, after all; it’s not like he was squeaky clean. I think he did this just to prove he was the sexiest… Continue Reading

Abridge No Speech

I can’t imagine a better way to commemorate 9/11 than by having a federal judge call out DADT for violating the First Amendment. A federal judge in Southern California on Thursday declared the U.S. military’s ban on openly gay service… Continue Reading

Miles to Miles

An FTM transition story on NPR: “We have had this tumultuous year of all the emotions, and as you said, the mourning,” Vicky says. “And then to finally get you here. And by this time, now we’ve been waiting and… Continue Reading

Friday Cat Blog: Herself