“Go Fuck Yourself, Mr. Cheney”

Oh, in so many ways just now, too, what with his lame excuses for our torture program, but in this case, Ben Marble, a doctor, was commenting on Bush presidency’s FAIL response to the devastation of Katrina that happened (or, more accurately, didn’t happen) four years ago.

This is a clip from a Spike Lee documentary called When the Levees Broke:

Back in Appleton

We’ve arrived, safe & sound, & have already unpacked what we brought and what we’d put in storage here in June. Next, the truck from Madison arrives & we un-pack that. I’d say I hate moving but Aurora has set the “hate moving” bar too high even for me – she really hates moving. Still, even she is adjusting, amidst growls.

Also: instant Autumn is pretty cool.

LOLCat Unpacking

What our apartment will look like as soon as we’ve unpacked some:

Bearded Lady Pillow

How cool is this? A bearded lady throw pillow! I want one!

LOLCat Treat

More, for your amusement while we’re on the road:

We drive from Brooklyn, NY to a hotel in Elyria, OH today.

DC: Candlelight Vigil on 8/28, 6:30PM, for 2 Women Stabbed

Transgender Health Empowerment is calling for a candlelight vigil at the corner where two trans women were stabbed last night. One of the people who was stabbed died last night.

Please gather on Friday, August 28th, at 209 Q ST NW, 6:30PM.

Please forward, re-post, and Tweet this info.

US Gov’t Runs Medicare

Um, the US government runs Medicare. Pass it on.

Group Interview About Gender

Yesterday I did an interview with a few other contributors of the On the Issues summer issue – Our Genders, Our Rightsdo check it out.

RIP Ted Kennedy

The Senate has to do the right thing to honor Ted Kennedy’s memory: pass health care. You know they have to, now, & so we have Ted Kennedy’s last gift to the working classes of the US.

LOLCat Carrier

For those who have ever had cats who have to be put in carriers:

(Actually, ours just get in them, for the most part. They’re very good cats.)

Not Really Around

In the next four days, I am packing up someone’s truck with our stuff which they’ll then drive to WI; meeting with an elected official about ENDA, dropping off the last of our donations; putting a bunch of stuff into storage, and finally, at long last, packing up the kittoi and the car and heading to WI.

So I won’t be around much. Consider this my annual blog vacation.

Today’s NYT

There’s one great article about women in the world which to some degree states clearly that feminism is not dead & shouldn’t be, and another article, a book review, talks about the relationship between money and sex as laid out by the sex workers who wrote the essays in Hos, Hookers, Call Girls and Rent Boys.

Friday they had a good article about Caster Semenya written by Alice Dreger.

Moving Thoughts Pt. 1

I’m going to be an Old Person for a moment, so bear with me, but I just went through a lifetime of cassette tapes – and yes, I am keeping some – ones that my artist friends made me, or ones that were particularly good compilations (especially if they have music I haven’t otherwise tracked down in another form yet), compilations used at parties – it seems I used to throw a lot of parties, go figure – and other rare & interesting things, like a tape of Yul Brynner singing Romany songs.

& What I was thinking, in choosing a bunch for one of my students who likes cassette tapes – he has an older car that plays them – is that Kids These Days won’t have this kind of physical detritus to part with painfully at some point in their adult lives. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but it is a thing, & I wonder what that means for them. I feel similarly about vinyl (although I know that’s kind of hip again, apparently) — these were all Things of Love, fetishy tokens of friendship and a shared love of music. So what do the kids swap these days when they have a crush on someone? Playlists? Seems a cheap imitation, but I suppose love & friendship are still the same, & heartbreak too.

Questioning Photos

At the TransOhio “Fabulously Fluid” performance night, I got to see Adam Apple do a fantastic performance based on Dylan’s signs that was intense & personal, & made a whole bunch of us in the audience cry.

This series of gorgeous photos asking questions about gender by L. Weingarten reminded me of Adam Apple’s performance, which I found on YouTube (even if the video/audio quality is crap, it gives you an idea).


MSNBC just did a really good job talking about the gender binary, chomosomal variations, and the athlete Caster Semenya. Props to them!

S. Bear Bergman’s Next Book Due in October

It’s true, it’s true! I’m reading an advanced copy of Bear Bergman’s next book, The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You. Arsenal Pulp is hir publisher this time around, & the book is due out in October.

You can get it through an Indie Press bookstore.

If you haven’t read Bergman’s Butch Is a Noun, now’s the time to do so.

Watch this space for a review and an interview with Bear.

Sex Stuff I Mentioned at TransOhio

First, there’s that porn flick How to Fuck in High Heels.

Then, there’s the all-kink inclusive summer camp we’ve been to called Dark Odyssey, which is taking place from 9/16-21 in a campgrounds in Maryland (although sadly, we can’t make it this year).

& Here’s two I didn’t mention (at least not by name):

I really like this Spare Parts harness.

& I mentioned not too long ago that I’m a big fan of this silver bullet vibrator.

Gender/South Asia Film Festival

As if timed exactly to make me nuts, there will be a film festival that intersects gender and South Asia. Really, I’m not kidding. I’m flabbergasted at how unfair this is.

The press release is below the break.

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Barney Frank Rebuts Wingnut

It’s the answer we all should be giving in response to these people: yes, they have the right to speak, but no, we have no reason to take them seriously. It’s crackpottery of the 1st order, so ENOUGH.

Honestly, we need to get the media to start implementing Godwin’s Law – because once anyone is compared to Hitler, the conversation’s already over.

NCTE: Flying Now Requires Gender

From NCTE:

Washington, DC, August 17, 2009-The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rolled out a new phase of their Secure Flight program over the weekend. Passengers will now be required to provide their birth date and gender when they book an airline ticket as part of a move to help distinguish passengers from those on the government’s “watch list” (often called the “no-fly” list).

NCTE has issued a new (.pdf) FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about the Secure Flight program and its impact on transgender people. The resource includes information about how to navigate the new process, particularly if you have identification that does not match your gender presentation. NCTE firmly supports the right of transgender people to maintain our privacy and to travel freely.

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