Brotherly Love

It’s been a long while since I’ve done a Friday Cat Blog, but today just had to be done. Aurora, whose full name is Queen Aurora Crankypants Thunderfist Quickbiter, has finally conceded to sharing her warm orange self with her adopted older brother, our big Endymion. He’s been working on her for three years – always trying to sniff her, trying to give her a lick once in a while, reaching out a paw to touch her when they’re both asleep, etc. It’s been so charming to watch her go from bristly freak-out to annoyance to – well, concession. And today, on this cold drippy rainy fall day, he has finally succeeded in getting her to let him use her big orange belly as a pillow.

Even Aeneas needed to find out what was going on. & While I did get their attention with the flash, they went right back to sleeping a minute later, & Aeneas, always the jealous kid brother, came & slept on my lap.

Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow.

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