Sex in America

Has anyone been watching Sex: The Revolution on VH-1? I catch it late at night sometimes, and I’m finding it a pretty decent series. Tonight, on Episode 3: Do Your Thing, the pride movement, San Francisco, Anita Bryant & Harvey… Continue Reading


A very happy birthday to my pops, who turns 80 today! 80! & Do you know, at his last checkup, the doctor informed him that 50% of men are dead by their 79th birthday? What kind of nutty thing is… Continue Reading

T Party

A nice video about a 24 year old trans person who was hoping for a gender-inclusive ENDA. It does a nice job of humanizing the people who are being left out.

PA Writing

I recently read two books that took place in PA, one fiction, the other non-fiction. Baker Towers is the story of a Polish-Italian PA family, which was intriguing since I’m from a Polish-Italian family (except in my family the husband… Continue Reading


Academia in a nutshell, or why I didn’t go get my Ph.D. (thanks to Donna for the link)

holy crap.

Her lawsuit against Day is now on appeal to the Georgia Supreme Court, in part because of the victim-blaming actions of the trial court judge. Judge Phillip Brown, despite a Georgia rape shield law, compelled Ross to disclose every person… Continue Reading

Just a Question (or 20)

My friend Doug McKeown was doing some spring cleaning and found this tidbit of Queer Nation propaganda in his files. It’s the Heterosexual Questionnaire, which asks, among other things, “If heterosexuality is normal, why are a disproportionate amount of mental… Continue Reading

Five More

There is a “10 Things About Yourself” Thing going around, like the spring flu, and while I previously answered “Five Things You Don’t Know About Me,” I feel like I owe everyone another five now. So here goes: 6. I… Continue Reading

Interview Question

I am sick of being asked the interview question, “So why are you looking for part-time work? Why not full-time?” and answering, “I’m a writer. I work part-time so I have time to write” and having the interviewer look at… Continue Reading

Prince Caspian Arrives Today

& I am going today, because I have to, because I did for The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe, and because I’m really really hoping that the water god looks as cool in the movie as he does in… Continue Reading

Two Bits

Two bits of good news: Khadijah Farmer won the suit against Caliente Cab Company, & not just that: Among the workplace practices that Caliente Cab agreed to adopt in the settlement was to add gender identity and expression to its… Continue Reading

Subscribe, If You Would

If you do use our boards – even just to read & lurk – please consider subscribing. It’s not required, but it is helpful for us to offset our costs and time. You can also make a one-shot donation, if… Continue Reading

Utah Mine Update

The deaths were avoidable, the 150-page report said, because five months before the August disaster in the north section of the mine, a similar collapse had occurred in a southern section, offering clear “red flags” indicating that the mine was… Continue Reading


Thank you so much, everyone, for the lovely birthday wishes and the lovely (de facto) birthday party. We had a wonderful time seeing a lot of old friends, new friends — fantastic people all. It’s still hard to believe we’re… Continue Reading

39 The First (& Only) Time

39. Shock & horror. It’s not possible I’m this old. My mother was 39 when she gave birth to me, 39 years ago today. (Thanks mom.) I was her 6th child, and here I can barely manage three cats &… Continue Reading

A Very Serious Eddie Izzard


Sign the Petition

On the Task Force, named as Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders Chair, we find Dr. Kenneth Zucker, from Toronto infamous Centre for Addictions and Mental Health (CAMH, formerly the Clarke Institute). Dr. Zucker is infamous for utilizing reparative therapy to… Continue Reading

Painting with a Broad Brush

Have you all seen the recent Shur-Line commercial? With a woman from Shur-Line and a wife (I assume) who are trying to coax the husband out of hiding so that he’ll paint? It’s so condescending toward men; like they need… Continue Reading

Happy Moms

A very very happy mother’s day to all the moms out there – including our own. (& Please don’t wish me a happy mother’s day. I’m very proud of not being a mother.)

Not Marrying Money

I was so happy to find this article on being a woman who is planning to marry a man who is deep in debt and who actually called off the wedding – at least temporarily – until he got this… Continue Reading