Firewater Redux

Right now, drunk, my only regret in life is not having had Tod A.’s lovechild. Really.

Tonight at Southpaw, here in the Slope, they were amazing – from the female trombone player to the Sikh drummer who was goddamned amazing.I haven’t danced so much for forever. Continue reading “Firewater Redux”

The Other Two

& The other two most popular attractions for the French, when they come to visit NYC, after the Brooklyn Bridge:

  • #2: The Statue of Liberty (because the French gave it to us, after all)
  • #3: Harlem

If you’re wondering about #3, let me remind you of Ms. Josephine Baker (amongst other reasons).

#1 Reason to Come to NYC

Tonight Betty & I were watching some combination of Burn Notice, Keith Olbermann, and Law & Order (always L&O), when we heard fireworks out our window. There were some last week too, so we kind of responded with a “must be more of whatever that was.”

It turns out that yesterday, May 22nd, was the 125th Birthday of the Brooklyn Bridge.

So Happy Birthday, bridge of bridges, and well done, Msrs. Roebling: we still love your bridge.

The Brooklyn Bridge is often listed as one of the top three attractions the French come to NYC to see. The other two? That answer tomorrow, but guesses are welcome.

Don’t Worry, Be Equal

Funny, but I don’t expect we’ll see the usual round of panicked op-eds worrying about the poor boys this time around, since there isn’t anything to worry about. Or rather, there’s never been anything to worry about.

Not that most of us didn’t know that. It seemed hard to believe that hundreds of years of male privilege had been undone by a few female math teachers, and that quickly!

(Thanks to Lena for the link)

& Another Thing

So Kentucky voters have said that race matters.

Has anyone actually come out & said they won’t vote for Clinton because she’s a woman?

Is Geraldine Ferraro talking out her ass again?

Gendered Politics

What’s a politico to do? I am an ardent feminist, which most of you reading already know well enough. But I’m so saddened by the way women are talking about the Democratic nomination and how they feel they’ve been sent to the back of the bus. I don’t doubt that there was some sexism at play, in the media & elsewhere, for Hilary Clinton. It’d be a surprise if there weren’t. But that’s not a good enough reason not to vote. I mean, imagine the Suffragists! Imagine what they fought for, what they went through, & imagine explaining how you, as a woman, chose not to vote because your candidate didn’t get the nomination.

I couldn’t do it. I’m not happy about Obama’s “sweetie” remark at all. And it’s true that I just don’t like Hilary Clinton and never have; her ambition scares me. Not because it’s wrong for a woman to be ambitious – I so wish more were! – but because hers seems more about what it would mean to her to be president than being about what she could do for the country. And it scares me, when someone’s goals seem more about having something to prove than about accomplishing something.

If Ann Richards had run for president, I would have worked on her campaign and given up a year of my life to get her elected. And if Obama doesn’t win the nomination, I will work to get Hilary Clinton elected. Because the sad reality is that John McCain is not pro-woman: he’s not pro-choice, he voted against the Lily Ledbetter Act, and he actually had the nerve to suggest that women should get more education and training if they want to be paid as much as men.

So please, Clinton supporters: get out & support whoever the Democratic nominee is. I will.

Female Jocks

Wow this is depressing.

When I was a kid, I beat one of my peers at the 50 yard dash. & He challenged me to race his older (by a year) cousin, who I also beat.

& Then I was told, by my teacher, that beating boys wasn’t something girls did. & Yes, it did kinda take the fun out of running for me; I stopped running competitively within a year or so.

& I’ve watched my nieces grow up & kick ass in sports, and it made my heart proud to hear about them getting a face full of mud in order to steal third. But then I read something like this & I wonder, at the heart of it, how much has really changed.