Help the Burmese

Many of you know how much I loved visiting the country of Burma when I got to. Now, after the military junta cracked down on more democracy uprising, there’s been a horrible cyclone that has killed tens of thousands of people.

You can donate directly to the network of Buddhist monks who are doing a great deal of the work in these early days before a lot of international help can get there.

Do donate if you can :

2 Replies to “Help the Burmese”

  1. It’s disgusting how little attention this is getting in the news. ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND ARE DEAD! Possibly millions are left homeless! And the burmese government is refusing internation aid because they fear outside governments will get involved in their power struggle against the people of Burma.


  2. This is an utter tragedy. Unfortunately this Burmese government is populated with monsters, massive monsters.

    It was just on the news. The UN Aid Relief is being confiscated by this totalitarian government. Even UN officials have no idea if the aid is getting to the people.

    My guess? That collection of torturers is hoarding the food… they will let their people die in the hundred of thousands… and then sell the food to enrich themselves later.

    Where is China on this? Along with North Korea, the are one of the few countries that have amicable relations with these butchers.

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