Aurora the Inconsiderate

Posted by – September 28, 2007

The funniest thing about Aurora is that she gets on your desk, as if to hang out with you, but then if you do anything – type, use your mouse, pet her – she attacks your hand.



4 Comments on Aurora the Inconsiderate

  1. DJMadAdam says:

    That’s because every day is Caturday.

  2. miss carolyn says:

    Typcial cat. My three cats do this too.

  3. akakatie says:

    Must be an orange cat thing… my orange cat is the same way!!

    Great to see you last Sunday, by the way. Always good to have a nice long cafe chat with an old friend.

    -aka k :)

  4. kia_the_physicist says:

    Awww… That is so cute! Aurora looks as if she has laid down on your work to remind you that she, as the supreme ruler of the universe, always comes first. My orange cat is exactly like that too, attacking the mouse on the computer screen and laying on my math homework.

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