Lambda Literary Nominees’ Readings

Lambda Literary Foundation is hosting a few readings for the nominees of this year’s Lambda Lit Awards. I’m doing on in DC on May 5th, and another in NYC at the GLBT Center on May 19th. There’s also one taking… Continue Reading

Sleeping Kitty Mess

this one’s for Trish:

Ladies’ Room?

If we allow crossdressed men to go into a ladies room, the end of civilization is upon us. Pedophilia will occur at mind-boggling rates. Women will no longer feel safe. Continue Reading

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For those of you who have not made a habit of reading blogs, but would like to keep up with what I’m doing and writing, I mail out a digest version of my blog entries monthly – easy access through… Continue Reading

The Comment Runaround

After much agonizing poking around code, I found myself unable to figure out just why you good people weren’t getting your temporary password when you registered for the blog. Well, that’s probably because I’m not really a hacker or a… Continue Reading

New Pope

Having grown up Catholic, I was really hopeful that the next pope chosen would be of a more liberal bent on women’s issues than JP II. Unfortunately, Ratzinger – now Pope Benedict the XVI – was Pope JP II’s ‘hardliner’… Continue Reading

Microsoft Abandons Gays

Especially in a political era of attacks on gays, we need the corporate leadership to stand up. Microsoft has done so in the past, with its own policies as well as politically, but it has just pulled its support for… Continue Reading

Welcome to the Re-Design

Thanks to WordPress for great software, Betty for fixing every tiny little thing, and to all of you for making MHB a site worth re-designing. Continue Reading

On Being a Partner

One of our MHB board regulars mentioned that she feels she might be rationalizing away that her wife won’t stay with her through, and post-transition. The idea of it alarmed me, because I think a lot of transwomen want to… Continue Reading

Cervical Cancer Vaccine – Blocked?

So once again, women will die because of our ass-backwards attitudes about women’s sexuality, about sex in general, and because – well, women’s lives and health are effectively in men’s hands. Continue Reading

HB Interview

There’s an interview with me in this month’s Tranny Tribune, the online magazine of (You have to scroll down a bit to find it!)

Guest Author: Diana

One of the first responses was this articulate piece by a transsexual who for many years identified as a crossdresser. I thought its reverse chronology helped illuminate how someone who has crossdressed for years realizes their transsexualism. Continue Reading

Milk Thief

Before Betty goes to bed, she often drinks a glass of milk, but if she leaves it on the counter unattended, the milk thief sneaks his way up and gets his whole mug into the glass…

Josey Vogels’ Messy Bedroom (and Mine)

I got my first gig playing “sex columnist” by Josey Vogels. She got an interesting letter from a 21 year old woman and asked what I thought. You can read her answer and mine in her weekly column, My Messy… Continue Reading

Night of 1000 Gowns

Betty and I had the great luck of being offered tickets to Night of 1000 Gowns Continue Reading

Please Donate

If you can, please donate this month to help keep the boards running and Helen from pulling her hair out. Also needed: someone to help Helen & Betty buy tickets to the Lambda Literary Gala in June. (From what I… Continue Reading

Happy April Fool’s Day!