Thanks, Josey

Maybe those of us in the GLBT community can start pressuring networks not necessarily for more shows about us – but just for more intelligent shows, in general. Continue Reading

Women & Activism

It is, need I say, a great pleasure to be able to do an event for Women’s History Month Continue Reading

Lambda Lit Award Finalist

I’ve made the finalists’ round of nominated books for the Lambda Literary Award Continue Reading

2nd Annual Trans Issues Week at Yale

A forum of male, heterosexual-identified crossdressers and their partners describe the intersections of sexuality, sex and gender in their lives. Continue Reading

MHB on Canadian TV Tonight

An interview with MY HUSBAND BETTY author Helen Boyd Continue Reading

Harvard President Summers

Most theories can seem rational without proof. Interesting and worthy of research, too. But it doesn’t make them right – and until proven otherwise, I think Summers was talking out of his ass. Continue Reading

Betty in the NYT

That would be my husband Betty. I’m newly amazed by her bravery, coming out in the paper of note. Continue Reading

Dr. King

This year’s celebrations and memorials in honor of Dr. King are likely to gloss over one important fact of his activism: his belief in peace. Continue Reading

Please Donate

I can’t afford to order my own books to sell! Continue Reading

Upcoming Events

Betty and I will be doing a few interesting events this coming February and March that I’d love for people to join us at, and to say hi if they’re attending. Continue Reading

MHB Goes to College!

MHB is being taught in a few college classes: Continue Reading


Men choose women who are subordinate to them for marriage. Continue Reading

Meeting Miss Vera

Finally, after these many years, we got to meet Miss Vera. Continue Reading

Illinois Anti-Discrimination Bill Close to Passing

Upon the Governor’s signature, Illinois will become the fifth state with anti-discrimination protections for transgender people and the fifteenth protecting people based on sexual orientation. Continue Reading

Board Betty

Betty will indeed be one of the NCTE’s Board Members. Continue Reading

Last Performance

This noir reading is at its most effective in a comically creepy scene when Joseph K. visits the garret of the court portraitist, Titorelli, played by a throaty, androgynous Jason C_____. Continue Reading

The Boards are Back Up

The Boards are back up, for your pleasure. I have no idea what happened, but the good folks at our hosting company fixed it overnight. Now, onto 20,000 posts!

Message Boards Down

For unknown reasons, the MHB Message Boards are currently down. Betty is onstage, but our hosting company is aware of the problem. This has happened before, and usually takes a few hours to straighten out. As far as I know,… Continue Reading

Us Vs. Them

Why it seems reasonable for any group to empower themselves by demonizing another group is foreign to me. Continue Reading