While We’re at DO…

… we thought Aurora should keep you company. She’s sitting here with two favorite toys: 1) the self-made ball o’foil on a string, and 2) my bullwhip. No-one should be surprised that the bullwhip is her favorite toy, since we… Continue Reading

What To Do

Okay, here’s another of those beautiful parts of the Narnia books, another of the parts that makes me love these books more and more over the years: Crying is all right in its way while it lasts. But you have… Continue Reading


In order to comment on my blog, for now, you need to go over here and post your comment. I’d love it if some of you were to put some of the comments you made about the Lacey Leigh interview… Continue Reading

Welcome to the New Boards

Welcome to the redesign of the Boards! As we all know, a tone of crankiness had overtaken the boards and eventually caused us to close them down. While they were shut down, we did some research, thought about the community… Continue Reading

The Boards are Back (With a Caveat)

Hey folks! – the boards are open again! The only caveat is that the URLs aren’t quite re-directed yet, so you have to use this special link to get into them for now.

Preview of Deep Stealth Interview

Calpernia Addams and Andrea James – as Deep Stealth Productions – have posted a preview of the interview Andrea James did with me for their “Coming Out Resources” DVD. It really was one of the best interviews I’ve ever done,… Continue Reading

Five Questions With… Lacey Leigh

Lacey Leigh is the authr of Out & About: The Emancipated Crossdresser as well as 7 Secrets of Successful Crossdressers. She moderates an online community, speaks publicly as a crossdresser, and helps a lot of CDs gain confidence as they… Continue Reading

Christmas Past

Betty and I had one of the nicest Christmases in recent memory this past weekend. I’m not sure how, but everything came together in a good way for us – including a surprise bonus from her boss that made us… Continue Reading

Return of the Boards (Not Yet, Again)

The Boards are supposed to go back up today, but as we’re also switching hosts, I’m awaiting a backup of the database and its move before I re-open them. I don’t want to go ahead and re-open them and then… Continue Reading

Happy Chanukah!

A very happy Chanukah!

Greetings Thread

What with the boards closed, I thought I’d set up a thread so that all the board folks are able to wish each other Merry/Happy’s. It’s not often that Christmas & the first night of Chanukah are the same night.… Continue Reading

Another Cool Thing About Narnia

I’ve been re-reading the Narnia Chronicles as a result of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (which I highly recommend) and I’m on The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which I’m reading slowly as it’s always been my favorite… Continue Reading

Without a Trace

Tonight, the crime drama Without a Trace took on a storyline featuring a transwoman – including a transman she knew, her ex-wife, brother, and parents – and did a fine job presenting the story. The episode is called “Transitions” and… Continue Reading

Diversity in the Classroom Guide

An old and dear friend of mine recently put together a book about diversity in the classroom. It’s not a regular book – more of a workbook or guide for teachers, school therapists, and other people who actually work with… Continue Reading

The Return of the Boards (Not Yet)

Betty and I have re-organized and re-designed the boards somewhat, and will be revealing the changes on Monday, Boxing Day, December 26th.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

The good news is in that an end to the strike is imminent, but I have to say: our news commentators and leaders need a “Labor History 101.” I’ve been astonished at he amount of times I’ve heard someone say… Continue Reading

Questions Answered

I’ve been asked two questions by MHB boarders: 1) Is Thursday chat still on? YES. 9pm EST, Yahoo messenger. Donna usually starts chat if I’m not around to, but I’ll show up one way or the other. 2) Is the… Continue Reading

Peaceful Solstice

The moment of Winter Solstice occurs December 21, 2005, at 10:35 am Pacific Standard Time. At that moment, the northern tip of the Earth’s axis of rotation will be at its maximum tilt away from the Sun. Winter Solstice is… Continue Reading

Five Questions With… Vanessa Edwards Foster

Vanessa Edwards Foster is the board chair of NTAC (National Transgender Advocacy Coalition). A Houston-based activist, Foster is one of the people who lobbies the US Government every year on behalf of transgender people everywhere. 1. Why did you become… Continue Reading