Happy New Year!

A very, very Happy New Year to all! All best in 2005! Please be responsible: don’t drink and drive.

What I Wish

As it turns out, the U.S. government has pledged less money to aid those desperate folks in South Asia than we’re planning on spending on the inauguration. What I wish: * that we had a president I’d be happy about… Continue Reading


I’m not the type to ask for prayers, ever, for anything, but Southeast Asia is a place near and dear to my heart. It’s going to take years for them to recover. Please donate to your charity of choice (Betty… Continue Reading

Reading Judith Butler on the D Train

I know I’m not the only one excited by a Christmas gift of gender theory – not only, but not common, either. A slim volume, bound in oily paper. But how is it – despite my excitement – that once… Continue Reading

Partner Research

Hello all! I could use your help. I’ve posted a questionnaire for partners/SOs/SOFFAs of transpeople in order to help aid and direct my research for two upcoming essays and possibly/probably for the next book. I’ve posted it in the MHB… Continue Reading

Merry Christmas!

A very, very Merry Christmas to all!

Book Television (Canada)

For the month of January, Book Television in Canada will be “sexing up” their shows, which includes an interview with a male proponent of cunnilingus, Tom Wolfe, and us! Find out more about the show at the Book Televsion website:… Continue Reading

Transgender Activists Celebrate Victory in New York City

Transgender advocates and activists are celebrating the release of Guidelines Regarding Gender Identity Discrimination from the New York City Commission on Human Rights this week. These guidelines interpret the Human Rights Law and are designed to educate the public about… Continue Reading

New York Times review of Betty’s Show

an excerpt from The New York Times review of the show Betty is currently acting in: This is perhaps Ms. Adamson’s greatest insight. Kafka’s writing is tinged with sadomasochism and voyeurism like the best pulp fiction, and this production is… Continue Reading

Happy Holidays!

A very happy holiday season to one & all!

Lambda Lit Nomination / 4th Printing

My Husband Betty has just been nominated for the 17th Annual Lambda Literary Awards, in two categories: Memoir/Autobiography, and Transgender/GenderQueer. You can see all the nominated books and categories at Lambda’s website. I’m thrilled and honored and really, really excited… Continue Reading


Hello friends and readers, This is the least comfortable request I’ve ever made, but we’ve spent way more money doing the book thing than we expected. Since we’d like to keep doing what we’re doing – education, outreach, and advocacy… Continue Reading

Theatre Betty

As most of you might know, my husband Betty is, in addition to being a cover girl, an actor. “He” worked in an off-Broadway theatre for five years, and before that upstate for about eight years. Currently he’s helping found… Continue Reading

Guest Author: LWU

Today, on the MHB Message Boards, one of our regulars, LWU, posted an insightful piece about the mysteries of being a recently transitioned woman. I found it quite in keeping with my reputation as Helen ‘Pulls No Punches’ Boyd, and… Continue Reading