Counted as Trans

Nepal has created a ‘transgender’ category for their census. And before the traditional transsexual people get upset, no one is required to identify as trans, and the category was added in response to LGBT rights legislation (which passed in 2008).

It’s more than the US managed, that’s for sure.

Census PSAs for LGBT Communities

Don’t get me wrong: it’s cool these PSAs for LGBT – even specifically T!! go Mara! – have been made. But they should have been out a month ago, at least. I know we received our forms & sent them back long before I had this information. I did put my Task Force sticker on it (although even that didn’t have a “queer” option).

But if you haven’t filled yours out yet, you can watch others too: one with Harry Knox, another with Ben de Guzman, another with Bret Camp, Earl Fowlkes, or George Takei, for the geeks, or you can just check out all the PSAs made for the LGBT communities. Thanks to GLAAD for the heads up.