Is anyone else watching this remarkable Planet Earth series on the Discovery Channel? It’s astonishing, though not for the faint of heart; I alternate between wondering why life (& death) have to be full of so much suffering, but then crying at how beautiful some of the scenes and animals are.

Watching a whole herd of elephants play in the water is really a thing of joy.

Unhappy Boob

Jane magazine discovered in a recent survey of their readers that 75% of women are unhappy with their breasts, so they decided to dedicate their May issue to breasts & breast health (both physical & psychological). There’s photos of breasts & comments by the women who love them, & why. You can submit your own, with your own reason you love them, if you’re so inclined.

Geralyn Lucas, who lost one of hers to breast cancer, is blogging for them all month, too, keeping readers abreast of relevant issues. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

There’s also a neat Before & After section – with more photos – about getting bras that fit correctly.

Party’s Over

A big thank you to everyone who came to the launch party tonight – we had a fantastic time, & it was great meeting new people and talking to friends, old & new.

Both Eyes Open

He pretends to be sleeping, sometimes, when really he’s just laying around thinking about when the next meal is.


Every once in a while I wonder, when I see photos of MTFs that have been doctored, or taken in just the right light, etc., whether other people worry the way that I do that people will love the photo but then meet you in person & think you look like crap?

The Graduate

Recently in our forums, Nettie jokingly made a reference to the “Class of 2007” – meaning those who would be transitioning in 2007 – and in the context of our experience talking to people at IFGE, & in the light of a review of She’s Not the Man I Married someone sent me which criticized the book for not having an “ending,” I’ve been thinking recently that perhaps one of the most slippery aspects of the slippery slope is that transition provides an ending, and maybe even closure. The thing is: from what post-transition trans women tell me, that’s not necessarily true, but for anyone who’s been suffering all their lives with their trans feelings, it sure does seem like one hell of an attractive idea.

So while I very much tried to communicate in the new book that I may be waiting for the sound of a shoe that may never drop, folks don’t seem to understand that sometimes there isn’t so much of an “ending” as instead a “being finished.” But I also wonder if there’s anything that crossdressers or middle path types might do to accomplish more of a feeling of closure that transition brings trans women. I know CDI throws “debutante parties” – which seems like a great way to come out – which might work for plenty of CDs, especially since deb parties come with pretty party clothes. But what about middle path types? Do they send out a press release? Because no matter how many times we tell people that Betty is where she is, people persist in believing Betty will want to transition medically or legally or both. & You know, she might. She might in a year from now, & she might 10 years from now, or 20. But the whole idea of having other people tell you you’re not “done” until transition is a huge aggravation for us both.