Well folks, it’s time for me to disappear into my (sadly, only metaphorical) cabin. I have a lot more work to do on She’s Not the Man I Married, so I won’t be as ‘around’ as usual. (I also won’t be as round, as I’ve lost 8 lbs. and nearly 4″ since March 19th, ha.)
So if I don’t answer an email, or host chat, or post here so much, or on the boards: please understand it’s because I’ve shut myself up in the cabin in my head, turned off the phone, and am writing, writing, writing.
I will try to post some previews as soon as I get word of when the official pub date will be.

Paper Lanterns

Someone recently wrote to me to thank me for a piece I’d posted on the boards, so I thought I’d share it here for those of you who are not board readers:
sometimes life is about understanding your own mythology, your own story. at different times in your life those stories change. from warrior to princess to wizard to crone. & i don’t think there’s any harm in seeing those stories, or of taking a lot of painful things – like the death of a son, or transness itself – and translating those things into something comprehensible for yourself, something that gives your life meaning, and maybe even purpose.
some people are practical-minded and only want to count the beans. others find more meaning in going a little hungry and burying a few to see if something grows.
i just think, sometimes, that we are too demanding that people always see the harsh, bare bulb of fact. life is hard enough. sometimes we’re all a little blanche debois, and want the paper lantern.

There She Goes, Thinking Again

I think if transwomen are going to lay down the law about needing a _______ (a vagina, or breasts, or hormones) in order to be considered a woman, they damn well better be prepared for other kinds of women to exclude them from the category for not having _________ (ovaries, a uterus, a cervix, fallopian tubes, two XX chromomones, etc.).

Five Questions With… Lisa Jackson

lisa jackson
Lisa Jackson was born in Fayetteville, Georgia, and her first
venture into rock n roll was as a Christian rocker. But at the age of 21 she followed her star to New York, where she formed the Steve Friday band. In 2000, she did her first gig in drag, and eventually began to transition in a very public kind of way. With the support of several downtown notables, like Jayne County,
Lisa has gone on to not only become a fantastic role model for the trans community but a fantastic rock n roller in her own right. Her band, Lisa Jackson + Girl Friday, regularly play gigs in New York and beyond, and her CDs rock. Her “Fabulously Done is also the endpage of My Husband Betty. If you’re in New York City during May, you can catch them on Monday nights at Arlene’s Grocery.
1) As a fellow 80s kid, which were your bands? Which band did you love that might surprise people the most? Were you Punk or New Wave?
Well the band that tops my list from that era would be Van Halen and that would be the David Lee Roth era only! But I was also a big fan of Men at Work, Till Tuesday, and even Journey.
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Congratulations, Donna!

As of tomorrow, Donna – one of our board regulars, and a friend – will have been living full-time for a year. She’s had more than her share of trials and tribulations, yet she has come through it with grace and empathy for others.
Congrats, Donna – from me, and Betty, & your friends on the boards.

They Kill Horses, Don't They?

It’s come to my attention that people who use Premarin may not be aware that they are directly causing the slaughter of mares and fillies. I thought this information was well-known by now, but apparently not.
Since Premarin is created from the urine of pregnant mares, these horses are now created for the sole purpose of harvesting their urine. They’re forced to stand their entire lives in narrow stalls, get little to no exercise, and don’t get as much water as they want. Then, after they’re too old to get pregnant, or too sore to keep standing, they’re slaughtered.
It’s inhumane.
It’s especially brutal considering that the same hormones can be created using plant hormones.
So go right back to your doctor who gave you the prescription for Premain, and ask for one of these instead:
* Cenestin
* Estrace
* Estraderm
* Ogen
* OrthoEst
* Estratab
* Menest
* Estinyl
* Estrovirus
* OrthoDienestrol
* Tace
For more information, you can read the site. They’ll even give you a pin to wear if you switch.