Two Months

If anyone else has noticed, this now marks two whole months that I’ve blogged at least once a day. No, they’re not all long, meaningful essays, but I am currently writing a book, too.


First: If anyone who was at TIC (who we met or didn’t meet) has any requests for resources, you can 1) use the search box at the upper right, or 2) email me.
I don’t know if I’m getting old or what, but every time I get back from a conference I feel a little more tired than I did the previous time. This TIC was a great conference – a good collection of people, interesting workshops, familiar faces.
As it was last year, working with Jill Barkley was a real pleasure; this year, we ran a pretty intense trans relationships workshop, which was not just transgender but trans-generational. We both ran trans partners workshops the previous day, right before which I did my trans sex and identity workshop – which is always a pleasure to do, and always slightly different than the way I did it before. I’ve been asked more than once now if I have a copy of that workshop on DVD, so I’m going to figure out how to do that so I can make it available. (Once I shake off this sleepy, sleepy feeling, that is.)
It probably didn’t help that we went right from the 6 hour drive home with DJ and Lizzy to Tristan’s House of Ass party, but we did get *great* goody bags (supplied by, if that gives you a hint)!

Toga's Parents

It turns out that Toga’s parents – Toga was the penguin who was stolen from his parents at an Isle of Wight zoo around Christmas – have hatched a new egg. Poor Toga was never found, and is presumed dead, since he was too young to survive without his parents at that young age, but hopefully Toga’s parents will be happy with their new offspring.
Security has been beefed up around their nest, of course.
(Thanks, Caprice!)


We’re up in Burlington, VT, for our 2nd time at Translating Identity Conference (TIC); we drove up with DJ & Lizzy – who kindly offered us a ride – and are staying at a motel called the Ho-Hum Motel. No kidding.
But TIC is anything but ho-hum itself; last year Betty & I found it infused with energy, maybe because the organizers are trans students and allies.
If you know anyone in/around the Burlington area, tell them to come check it out (if the event isn’t already sold out, which it might be). In addition to doing my Trans Sex & Identity workshop (Saturday, 1:30-3pm) I’ll be doing a closed caucus for the partners of MTFs (Saturday, 3:15-4:45 pm) while the ever-talented Jill Barkley will conduct one for partners of FTMs. Then, we all get together on Sunday (1:45-3:15 pm) to hash it all out with the trans folks listening! I’m looking forward to this opportunity, and I think it’s great to be at a conference that is willing to devote so much time not just to partners, but specializing workshops for all of us.

Women's Skating

I am not big on the Olympics, by any stretch, but Beauty & the Geek isn’t on this week, so Betty & I are catching some of the Women’s Figure Skating, and I have to say that I’m very impressed with these pantsuit/bodystocking outfits. Not because they’re sexy (or not only because they’re sexy) but because I didn’t know that had happened – I thought it was all about the short skirts and booty hang.
I’m pleased to see it. I find them sexier than the dorky skirts – just my opinion – because they really do show off what fantastic, strong, graceful bodies these women have.

Trans for $200, Alex

Tonight “Trans” was a category on Jeopardy, and there wasn’t anything about transvestites or transgender or transsexuals. Trans-Canada things, and Trans-Continentals, but no trans as in gender.
Sometimes I wonder how out of touch I am these days.