CFP: Brotherhood is Powerful – Writings by Transsexual Men


Brotherhood is Powerful: An Anthology of Liberationist Writings by Transsexual Men

Editor: Zander Keig, MSW

Publisher: Transgress Press

We are now accepting submissions for the anthology, Brotherhood is Powerful: An Anthology of Liberationist Writings by Transsexual Men, edited by FTM community advocate and educator, Zander Keig.

Much has been written about transsexuals from an academic, medical and bureaucratic perspective. While this literature provides important information about transsexuals’ lives, it tends to also obscure and misinform as much as it reveals. This is because a lot of the literature is written by either non-transsexuals and/or focuses too narrowly and simplistically on reductionist and stereotypical topics of interest to a small minority of elite academics.

Transsexuals’ lives are far more complex, however, when seen through the lens of our lived experiences and physical and somatic embodiment. Feminism, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Gay Liberation Movement all taught us that the first step toward liberation is to challenge the norms that misrepresent and subjugate our experiences in service to a larger meta-narrative of gender and sexuality.

This book gives a platform for transsexual men to engage these discourses and shape the course of knowledge production about transsexuals, in an effort to counter the stories told about our lives, which serve to silence our identities, communities, and experiences.

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