3 More Days of Casa Valentina

Only three more days of the show, so go while you can. Who knows when this play will be produced again?

Casa Valentina Opening

It was so much fun. I’ll be writing more about the play itself in the upcoming days, but for now, look at the pretty pictures. There are more at Playbill’s site.

Incoming Harvey Fierstein as the New Zaza

Harvey Fierstein takes over as the new Zaza in NYC’s La Cage production:

La Cage on Broadway

They’ve got cheap tickets & a sassy door girl: what more could you want?

Lady Painter & Hunger Striker

An old friend of mine wrote a cover article for the Times Literary Supplement about the first hunger striker, Marion Wallace-Dunlop. What interesting about his research is that it’s not about her alone, but about the way she understood media… Continue Reading

Benefit Performance

Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund and PFLAG New York City invite you to Christine Jorgensen Reveals: A very special benefit performance supporting the work of Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund and PFLAG New York City Tuesday, March 10,… Continue Reading


Coraline – Neil Gaiman’s horrifying children’s story – is coming out on February 6th. It better be coming to a theatre near me.

Boulder: TRANSforming Gender 2008

TRANSforming Gender 2008, the third annual trans themed conference here at the University of Colorado, Boulder, is happening tomorrow, November 7th. (This is the conference me & Julia Serano & Matt Kailey & Dylan Scholinksi spoke at last year.) This… Continue Reading

“Non-Essential Services”

A friend of ours works with a theatre out in IA that’s lost almost everything as a result of the recent floods, and like many others – they had no flood insurance. Worse yet, FEMA considers theatres “non essential services”… Continue Reading


In case you’ve never heard of it, The Tranny Road Show is a traveling troupe of trans identified writers, performers, and musicians, organized by Jamez Terry and Kelly Shortandqueer. The remaining dates of the 2008 Rocky Mountain Tour include: the… Continue Reading

10 Years Ago Today…

… I put on a dark green leather jacket and my favorite pair of trousers and, with a copy of The Sun Also Rises in my bookbag, I went to my friend Peter Dee’s apartment where he was hosting a… Continue Reading

CEO & Cinderella

Our friend Angela Madden is opening a play she wrote – and performs in – tonight at the Connelly Theatre. It’s called C.E.O. & Cinderella. We got to see it before I left for Wisconsin, and I’m glad I did.… Continue Reading

SoCo Keynote: Jenn Burleton

SOUTHERN COMFORT CONFERENCE 2007 KEYNOTE ADDRESS – SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 15TH, 2007 One Community, One Family by Jenn Burleton, TransActive Education & Advocacy, Portland, OR Thank you to the organizers of this amazing conference and in particular, Cat Turner, Lola Fleck… Continue Reading

Partner’s Take

I got this today from Ana in Brazil (the girl from Ipanema, you could say): One last thing: regarding your mixed feelings about Betty’s transformation, one of the best metaphors for it was depicted in the “Beauty and the Beast”… Continue Reading

Not Queer Enough

There’s an event happening in San Francisco (of course) called “Not Queer Enough” on June 27th. Among the speakers are people like Max Wolf Valerio & Julia Serano. I wish I could be there. My own feelings of being “not… Continue Reading

Spiders & Rats

Do you know when everything around you seems to be trying to tell you something? I caught Spiderman 2 on TV the other day, never having seen it in the theatres (because I don’t get around to seeing anything in… Continue Reading

Albany Borders

Tonight I’m speaking with LGBT community leaders at the New York State Museum Performance Theatre in Albany, NY. Tomorrow (Sunday 6/24) at 2PM I’m doing a reading at the Borders in Albany. Monday night I’ll be in Poughkeepsie speaking to… Continue Reading

Five Questions With… S. Bear Bergman

S. Bear Bergman is the author of Butch is a Noun, a writer, theatre artist, and educator who tours regularly. Zie’s book, Butch is a Noun, is one of my favorites of the past year because it’s funny, self-ironic, but… Continue Reading

Exit: Eve

Betty and I learned the sad news this week that the founder of the Jean Cocteau Repertory and one of the regular directors of the Phoenix Theatre Ensemble, Eve Adamson, died suddenly this week. She was 69 years old. She… Continue Reading

“I’m your goddamned partner!”

A great interview with Karen Allen, who played Marion in Raiders of the Lost Ark: But 25 years ago, there was a summer blockbuster whose female lead was anything but an afterthought. She was pretty, yes, and looked good in… Continue Reading