AIS, CAH, Sequential Hermpaphroditism, & Reciprocal Copulation

This is a great short article on the ambiguities of sex as expressed by humans, mammals, fish and various other creatures, and covers topics like chromosomal variety, embryonic sex determination, and reproductive strategies. It’s a nice Sex 101 – and… Continue Reading

ATM Blog

Just discovered the blog American Trans Man, which, according to its description, is: written by a FTM trans scientist who supplies information about different biological and genetic aspects of being transgender with a focus on the transmasculine. I’m especially pleased… Continue Reading

One Gene Away

I’m not going to try to re-phrase this article about how ovaries/testicles are determined by a single gene. Better you read it from the source: As embryos, our gonads aren’t specific to either gender. Their default course is a female… Continue Reading

Tierney (un)Truth and (not) Dare

A little more than a week ago, John Tierney published an article in the NYT “daring” to question whether or not girls just aren’t good at math. What a goddamn revelation. I don’t know what we would do without such… Continue Reading

Sex Difference Studies Suspect

Kudos to Scientific American and Lise Eliot – who published & wrote an article on sex brain difference studies, particularly the ones involving emotional sensitivity & the SG size in brains. However, in both studies, Wood and colleagues added another… Continue Reading