Biblically Gendered

“The Israelites took the transgender trope from their surrounding cultures and wove it into their own sacred scripture. The four-Hebrew-letter name of God, which scholars refer to as the Tetragrammaton, YHWH, was probably not pronounced “Jehovah” or “Yahweh,” as some… Continue Reading

Ramadan’s American History

Today is the start of Ramadan.One fourth of the world observes this Muslim fast, and I miss being in a culture where I could regularly witness the very happy fast-breaking at sundown; having grown up in a faith that fasts,… Continue Reading

IN Just Made Bigotry Legal

from Lambda Legal, via Jillian Weiss: Today, the Indiana House of Representatives, with a vote of 63-31, passed a bill designed to allow private businesses, individuals and organizations to discriminate against anyone in Indiana on religious grounds. Lambda Legal condemns… Continue Reading

Trans Catholic

Here’s an absolutely breath-taking and tear-jerking story about a remarkable nun who works with the trans community in and around New Orleans. She is what my Catholic has always been about, to be honest, and she is absolutely one of… Continue Reading

Um, Wow. Pat Robertson Says Love Your Transgender Child.

PlanetTransgender has transcribed some of his comments: “I don’t think if somebody is a true transgender, we should condemn them. I mean, that’s just the way it is.” and “The guy’s 30 years old. I mean, he’s an adult. So,… Continue Reading

Catholic Throwdown

I have all kinds of new respect for Jack White after this. Mary’s mother’s name was Anne, by the way. & This is a scapular – which they pronounce kind of more like scapula, which is actually the Latin term… Continue Reading

Trans Rabbis

Fascinating: Questions of transgender inclusion become even more complex when Jewish law comes into play. In 2003, the Conservative movement deemed sexual reassignment surgery an essential component of gender transition. But many trans people never receive surgery, and so their… Continue Reading

Habemus Papam

It’s really too bad I didn’t put money on it, because I was right,: homophobic from the Global South, as predicted. He sounds like poverty might actually rate, however, which would be a nice change of pace for the Church,… Continue Reading

Catholics Against Ryan

From Maureen Dowd’s column this past week: Even Catholic bishops, who had to be dragged toward compassion in the pedophilia scandal, were dismayed at how uncompassionate Ryan’s budget was. Mitt Romney expects his running mate to help deliver the Catholic… Continue Reading

Ripped & Religious

Here’s a cool story about a female Episcopalian priest who is also a body builder. She’s from Wisconsin, of course. Decades ago my church decided that the ordination of women was a just and morally responsible thing. Some people left… Continue Reading

FVUUF: Wellspring Wednesday

I’m speaking at the local Fox Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship this Wednesday, on a night they call Wellspring Wednesday. I’ll be doing the talk I call Trans 101: Building a Trans Inclusive Community, and I’m very much looking forward to… Continue Reading

Radical Nun

Oh, the Church and its consistency with being misogynist. The Vatican has investigated and censured American nuns for being too feminist.   The Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), an umbrella group representing most of America’s 55,000 nuns, is in… Continue Reading

Christmas Present: Radical Inclusion

This letter from local clergy in Appleton is pretty much the best Christmas present I didn’t even imagine getting: Jesus not only preached about but a lived a message of radical inclusion. He saw God’s realm as including everyone —… Continue Reading

It’s Okay If You Really Believe It

S.B. 137 of Michigan is an attempt to prevent bullying after a young man named Matt Eppling committed suicide after he was. But state Republicans added this language: THIS SECTION DOES NOT ABRIDGE THE RIGHTS UNDER THE FIRST AMENDMENT OF… Continue Reading

Methodist Trial

I don’t really understand why LGBTQs have anything to do with religions that condemn them. This week, in a nearby town, a Methodist minster went on trial for two things: being a practicing self-avowed homosexual and marrying a same sex… Continue Reading

Marriage Equality: Conversion Narrative

NOM has lost a hater. A couple of weeks ago, Louis J. Marinelli jumped ship and now supports full marriage equality. He was turned off by the people who had gathered around the cause: I soon realized that there I… Continue Reading

Coach Still Fired

The NYT did get around to covering the firing of that lesbian/pregnant coach in Nashville I reported last week. Here’s the part that baffles me: Asked if having openly gay faculty and staff members could create a conflict with the… Continue Reading

But Think of the Children

A lesbian soccer coach gets fired by a university after admitting that her partner is pregnant. I’m not sure I can even count how wrong that is or in how many ways. How incredibly Christian of them, to fire the… Continue Reading

Gay Artists often Wrestle with Christianity

That’s my attempt at The Onion‘s version of the headline, but here’s the scoop: The Smithsonian does an exhibit of LGBT people, and there are objections. It’s the typical “you’re defiling Christianity” issue that comes up over & over again… Continue Reading

One Parent’s Path

It’s rare to see an article by a parent about a child’s transition, much less one that openly struggles with the issues a religious faith brings into the mix. Inwardly I wrestled with the changes in my child: shoulders broadening,… Continue Reading