Unlikely Luddites

This blog post about the editors of magazines being stubborn about not accepting electronic submissions wouldn’t be half so amusing if it weren’t about the “big three” sci fi magazines. That’s not to say editors shouldn’t have their cranky prerogatives.… Continue Reading

Colbert Report’s “Stonewalling”

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c The Word – Stonewalling www.colbertnation.com Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor Mark Sanford (I got myself in trouble a long time ago for writing a short story about a lesbian teenager… Continue Reading

Recent Interview

While I was in Milwaukee, I did an interview for a local paper and entirely forgot to mention it. It’s a little more recent then a million others I’ve done, so it might answer some questions about what the hell… Continue Reading

Intermodal Travel Day

I’ve made it back to Milwaukee again, but this time I’m just passing through the Intermodal Terminal – how great a name is that for a train/bus terminal? – right now utilizing the free wifi and waiting for my train… Continue Reading

(Was a) Contender

I got a phonecall today, just moments after Betty finished talking to my Trans Lives course. It was a woman from A Room of Her Own Foundation <start holding breath>, who wanted to talk to me about my application for… Continue Reading

Some Cool Stuff

Here are some cool things I’ve unearthed in recent weeks that I’ve been meaning to blog about at length but find myself to busy to do! An article about an Afghan man who got 20 years in prison for asking… Continue Reading

Old Drugs

I know I’m often somewhat cynical about scientific studies, but this one especially seems to take the cake. Not because it’s not smart, or comes to wild, unfounded conclusions, but rather because it’s – well, obvious: thoughtful people tend to… Continue Reading

Back to Mike

It looks like the person we’ve all come to know as Christine Daniels is de-transitioning, and has returned to work as Mike Penner. Kevin Roderick of highly-respected LAObserved.com reports late Monday that “Eighteen month after writing a column about becoming… Continue Reading

Conservative for Obama

A remarkable, short column by Wick Allison, a former Editor of The National Review and current Editor in Chief of D Magazine, where this piece appears. This sentence, especially, stood out: It gives me comfort just to think that after… Continue Reading

Post-Blogging the DNC

I didn’t blog tonight because I was busy worrying about Betty and having dinner with my sister. I don’t care what anyone else thinks — I think (Bill) Clinton’s speech was mediocre. For him, & for this campaign. Were I… Continue Reading

Queer + Catholic NYC Readings

I’ll be reading with other Queer + Catholic authors on September 4th & 5th in NY. Do come! Queer and Catholic is an essay collection that examines the culture of how being raised Catholic informs and influences, positively or negatively,… Continue Reading


I’ve been a little off with blogging lately; I think my brain has decided it needs a summer vacation, because I can’t seem to put a sentence together even when I want to. Mostly I’ve been going to work, and… Continue Reading

To Erma Bombeck, With Love

As many of you know, I’ve been struggling with my weight & fitness for the past couple of years. I was in pretty great shape when I met Betty, & got lazy, for starters, which was then exacerbated by (1)… Continue Reading


Academia in a nutshell, or why I didn’t go get my Ph.D. (thanks to Donna for the link)

Neil Gaiman Fan Club

Reason #428 why I love Neil Gaiman. Despite his self-doubt, he’s given me two of the best pieces of writing advice I’ve ever gotten: Finish what you start. You can only get up to make more tea. After that, it’s… Continue Reading

Fuck Seal Press?

I came back from visiting Betty upstate to find out that there is a huge mess involving Seal Press (my publishers) which came right on the heels of BFP’s departure last week. So without pointing out every phrase and person… Continue Reading

Lambda Lit Transgender Finalists

But despite the absence of Whipping Girl, I do want to congratulate the finalists: Transparent, Cris Beam (Harcourt) Male Bodies, Women’s Souls, LeeRay M. Costa, PhD, (Haworth) The Marrow’s Telling, Eli Clare (Homofactus Press) What Becomes You, Aaron Raz Link… Continue Reading

Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself

I was going to write a column about why, as a feminist, I’d rather be voting for Barack Obama and why, precisely, I’d rather not vote for Hillary Clinton, but one of my students beat me to it. As smart… Continue Reading


Recently, someone from Brazil inquired as to whether or not a Portuguese translation of My Husband Betty existed. Sadly, the answer is no. Neither is there a Spanish or Japanese version — which are the ones I’m most often asked… Continue Reading

The Writing Business

Two things you need to know if you want to be writer. First, from Lewis Black: don’t. Second, from Harlan Ellison: if you must, get paid.