Becoming Trans-Parent: Poems

Hey all! A local mom, Annette Langlois Grunseth, whose daughter is trans, has written a book of poetry called Becoming Trans-Parent: One Family’s Gender Transition about the experience and she’s hoping to sell a bunch more in pre-sales as that will… Continue Reading

RIP Jeanne Manford, PFLAG Founder

PFLAG’s lovely tribute. I don’t think it’s hard to imagine that. Every day that is still difficult for parents to say. She was a good soul and a good parent then and now. We should all hope to achieve the… Continue Reading

Not Mutually Exclusive

A little girl was invited to a party where the rules were that boys had to come as superheroes & the girls as princesses, but before she and her dad had time to say “to hell with gender essentialism” they… Continue Reading

Happy Hipster Dad Day

Happy Father’s Day, hipsters. Your dad did it before you ever could. Gen X is getting OLD. And of course a very happy Father’s Day to all the women I know who are dads.

Happy Mother’s Day

A happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers. This isn’t the cheeriest article about parents – and the children who have stopped speaking to them – but I thought it was an aspect of family/parenting that we otherwise don’t talk… Continue Reading

Men Are Valuable Even When They Aren’t Dads

There are times, as a woman, that if you actually manage to recognize your own humanity, instead of your use as a breeder*/parent, you still have to face the fact that people write articles like this explaining that you are… Continue Reading