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Yes, it’s real.


I just had someone point out this book Prinsesa: The Boy Who Dreamed of Being a Princess to me. I don’t know it, haven’t read it, but was wondering if anyone out there has. Here’s the blurb: After a small… Continue Reading

“Making Trans Parents Visible” – co-authored by me

So this is cool: the article I co-authored with a colleague (Beth Haines) and a former student (Alex Ajayi) has been published in Feminism & Psychology, and is now available online. Here’s the abstract: This article explores the self-reported parenting… Continue Reading

Um, Wow. Pat Robertson Says Love Your Transgender Child.

PlanetTransgender has transcribed some of his comments: “I don’t think if somebody is a true transgender, we should condemn them. I mean, that’s just the way it is.” and “The guy’s 30 years old. I mean, he’s an adult. So,… Continue Reading

Another Example of Cool Masculinity

A father of a ‘gender creative’ son – a boy who is feminine – defends his parenting and his wife’s. My wife also gets a load of emails from people asking where our son’s father is, as though I couldn’t… Continue Reading

The Love of Parents

I went to a breakfast to kick off a campaign here in the Fox Valley yesterday: the idea is to make sure LGBTQ people know they’re welcome. There have been too many suicides of these kids over the past few… Continue Reading

Childfree, Not Childless

In this article by a 55 year old woman about being childfree, this was the part that landed most squarely with me. At one of many going-away parties, the wife of one of my colleagues in the philosophy department, after… Continue Reading

First Father’s Day Without

This is for him. He must have been shopping for my mother’s Christmas present, except that I don’t remember that it was Christmas. But that is the only thing that might explain why my father was shopping with me only,… Continue Reading

Trans Woman’s Dad

And another, this one a dad’s story about his daughter’s transition. I like this one, mostly because it’s actually about the experience of being a father, and about the relationship, then it is about the transness per se.

Trans + Dads

Here are two stories concerning fathers and transness: one, the story of a woman who is only meeting her dad at age 30 after her mother’s death – and after her father abandoned the family when she was still an… Continue Reading

In the Life: Parents of Trans Kids

What a cool video: an “It Gets Better” with the parents of trans kids. They’re part of the T-NET part of PFLAG, which focuses on those with trans children. I wish I could communicate how amazing it is to see… Continue Reading

Trans Nanny

I liked this piece about a woman’s experience when her nanny transitioned from female to male. Y’s transition changed me too. Watching Y’s struggle with weekly hormone therapy, decide when to come out to his family, friends, and employers, and… Continue Reading

Two Lesbians Had a Baby…

Bad Advice to Trans Student?

The mom of a trans young adult wrote to Cary Tennis of Salon’s “Since You Asked” column because her daughter is away at college and underachieving in a major way. She says that she can’t motivate herself to attend her… Continue Reading

Coontz on Mothers

For Mother’s Day, a cool piece by Stephanie Coontz about moms. Coontz’s Marriage, A History is a great introduction into how our cultural memory of marriage is more wishful thinking than fact. So is her NYT article: For their part,… Continue Reading

To the Tomboys!

Oh, if mass media and marketing to girls has its way, there won’t be any tomboys left at all. Check out this interview with Peggy Orenstein on The Diane Rehm Show about her book Cinderella Ate My Daughter .

Coach Still Fired

The NYT did get around to covering the firing of that lesbian/pregnant coach in Nashville I reported last week. Here’s the part that baffles me: Asked if having openly gay faculty and staff members could create a conflict with the… Continue Reading

One Parent’s Path

It’s rare to see an article by a parent about a child’s transition, much less one that openly struggles with the issues a religious faith brings into the mix. Inwardly I wrestled with the changes in my child: shoulders broadening,… Continue Reading

His Son’s Dress

I don’t know why these stories depress me so much, and really, it’s the ones with the cheerfully liberal dad who really is trying his hardest not to be a dick. And yet, he is. Sigh. And we didn’t even… Continue Reading

Breeding Out Tomboys

So what do you call it when a female doctor walks into a gene lab & doses all the pregnant mothers with a drug to prevent their daughters from wanting to work in “masculine” careers? Hypocrisy? Insanity? Female chauvinism? Pulling… Continue Reading