AMA: Birth Certificate Changes Shouldn’t Require Surgery

Great, great news. Not only is this requirement unfair and biased in favor of people who transition medically – not everyone does, or wants to – it also creates a problem with socioeconomic status, where those who can afford surgery… Continue Reading

HUD Backs Trans Couple

So this is cool news: a trans person and her partner were evicted from their housing, and…  More than a year later, the Justice Department followed through on filing the case, which seeks any injunction restoring the couple’s housing, barring… Continue Reading

Argentina Raises the Bar

Argentina set the new standard for changes in gender markers on identity documents for trans people: “The fact that there are no medical requirements at all — no surgery, no hormone treatment and no diagnosis — is a real game… Continue Reading

Bad News for Marriage

I can’t say it’s precedent, as it’s happened before in Texas, but it is sad and frustrating and entirely wrong-headed. HOUSTON — A judge was expected to void the marriage between a transgender widow and her firefighter husband who died… Continue Reading

Discrimination Suit: Man Enough

A man whose job it was to make sure men in recovery don’t switch their urine for someone else’s got fired because he wasn’t born with a penis. TLDEF brought the case, which has now been reported in The New… Continue Reading

Hormones Are a Right

US District (Federal) Judge Clevert struck down a Wisconsin law prohibiting trans people from receiving drugs in prison. In Wednesday’s order, Clevert found that the law amounts to “deliberate indifference to the plaintiffs’ serious medical needs in violation of the… Continue Reading

Abridge No Speech

I can’t imagine a better way to commemorate 9/11 than by having a federal judge call out DADT for violating the First Amendment. A federal judge in Southern California on Thursday declared the U.S. military’s ban on openly gay service… Continue Reading

PA Changes Gender Marker Rules

Good news in PA! HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) ? The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is changing its policy on how transgender people identify themselves on driver’s licenses. The department and Equality Pennsylvania announced a settlement Wednesday that allows people to change… Continue Reading

Tomboy Sues Former Employer

The St. Louis Court of Appeals reversed a previous decision that stated Brenna Lewis could not sue her employer for firing her – for being too masculine. Citing court records, the AP reports that Cullinan prefers to wear loose-fitting clothes such… Continue Reading

Legal Marriage, Queer Relationship

The NYT did an article about the legal issues when you’re a heterosexual couple and one of you legally changes gender. I’ve been talking about the ramifications of this stuff for so long that I failed to notice for others… Continue Reading

SoCo Keynote: Jenn Burleton

SOUTHERN COMFORT CONFERENCE 2007 KEYNOTE ADDRESS – SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 15TH, 2007 One Community, One Family by Jenn Burleton, TransActive Education & Advocacy, Portland, OR Thank you to the organizers of this amazing conference and in particular, Cat Turner, Lola Fleck… Continue Reading

Indian FTMs

An article predominantly about lesbians and FTMs in India (despite the photo of MTFs dancing) appeared in The Hindu, India’s national paper. The West is blamed for intolerant attitudes: The hostility to alternate sexualities, LesBIT activists say, is a modern… Continue Reading

Victoria Arellano

I just happened to be catching up on my Feministing reading when I discovered a post by Jessica Hoffman about the death of trans inmate Victoria Arellano (or Arrelano) who was denied her AIDS medication and then Hoffman followed up… Continue Reading

Trans Couples: Adrien & Elena

I’m going to tell you the story of me, Adrien an FtM transman, and my partner, Elena a free-spirited, open-minded, adventurous, bi-sexual genetic woman. Y’all get ready, because some parts of it are scandalous. OK, here we go. When Elena… Continue Reading

Coal Country

Betty & I are spending some time with my family today & Monday; we plan to be back sometime on Tuesday. We’re going to coal country, where my mother’s peeps are from, as it’s my grandaunt’s 85th birthday – yes,… Continue Reading

Bathrooms in Arizona, Letters to The Advocate

Michele DeLaFreniere, a trans woman in Arizona, is suing a bar that kept her from entering. The bar’s owner objects to having been quoted as saying he doesn’t want “her kind” in the place, but does admit that he’s blocked… Continue Reading

Trans Couples: Mark and Violet

I was like an addict trying desperately to find love, or even the perfect relationship. But I always fell short and was disappointed. Little did I know it was never the relationship; it was the image in the mirror that… Continue Reading

Non-Monogamous CDs (& Their Partners)

Just a reminder: Tristan Taormino is specifically looking for CDs & their partners who are in non-monogamous relationships. You can read her description of the book she’d be interviewing you for and more about what she’s looking for below the… Continue Reading

Trans Couples: Mike & Tasha

My name is Michael, I am a FtM Transsexual. My partner is Natasha, an MtF Transsexual. This is our story…. Depending on where we pick up our story, it all traces back to our high school years. Yes, Natasha and… Continue Reading

Blogging for LGBT Families

This year I wanted to talk a little about a lovely couple we know who are currently pregnant with their 1st child, because we love them, & a recent talk with them about their upcoming arrival just made me so… Continue Reading