Charting Identities

via Google Labs: Apparently, transsexuals and transvestites are waning, and transgender is ascendant. Not that we didn’t know that, but there it is in red green and blue. I like the way dyke has remained a subcultural word (consistently small… Continue Reading

“My Person”

Here’s a nice article by a trans partner about the interminable search for the right thing to call our “persons.”

This TDOR: Why Not “Tranny”?

& To close this year’s Trasngender Day of Remembrance, a note from Mara Keisling of NCTE on what the day means, why not “tranny,” and what next: The Day of Remembrance, which we commemorate tomorrow, is a time of mourning… Continue Reading


A nice take on labels by a Jessica Who: (For the record, almost no one would consider permanent facial hair removal a medical, transsexual-oriented procedure, unless, of course, it’s the first of other procedures. Crossdressers might do the same in… Continue Reading

Reifications and Binaries

By people who don’t know anything about trans, I’m often assumed to be trans myself. I like to joke that is the very rare trans woman who would cut her hair as short as I do. Most trans women with… Continue Reading


There’s an interesting conversation about transgender identities, and transsexual ones, over at Trans Group Blog. Do go check it out.