Help Fund Upstairs Inferno Documentary

If you don’t know about the fire that was set in a gay bar in New Orleans in 1973, you should. The footage, photographs, and even the description of the events are hard to see and read. Very, very hard.… Continue Reading

Awesome Show on Gender

I just listened to this awesome show on gender, sexuality, and identity on BackStory. Highlights: great discussion of “two spirit” and the way it maps and doesn’t onto non-indigenous gender & sexuality categories Joe McCarthy wasn’t just all about the… Continue Reading

Dear Brandon: 20 Years Ago Today…

20 years ago tonight Brandon Teena was murdered. Two friends, Lisa Lambert and Philip DeVine, were killed with him. 20 years ago the trans community protested that Brandon was not killed because he was a “lesbian” but because of his… Continue Reading

Lynn Conway on Transitioning in 1968

She wrote the piece as a result of going to the White House for the Pride Month Reception. Shamed as a social outcast, I’d lost my family, my friends and all social support. I’d been fired by IBM, and lost… Continue Reading

Gad Beck

Gad Beck was the last known gay Jewish survivor of the Nazi concentration camps. He died just before his 89th birthday. Under the Nazi regime, he famously dressed-up as a Hitler Youth member, and entered a deportation camp to free… Continue Reading

Trans Stonewall

I found this article denying the importance of trans involvement at Stonewall which states, in part: This point does not deny that drag queens participated in the riot. They did. It only makes the point that their centrality to the… Continue Reading

Obscenity Trial

On this day in 1928 police seized 800 copies of Radclyffe Hall’s lesbian novel The Well of Loneliness. It would be put on trial as obscenity later in 1928 under the Obscene Publications Act of 1857; Virginia Woolf came to… Continue Reading

Pride and Memory

One of the things I find interesting about teaching (and being aunt to) people who are around 20 years old is that most of them did not grow up in a world where no one they knew was gay. For… Continue Reading

Nothing New Under the Sun

To a lot of people, transgender identities are new, some emerging idea that’s only happened in the modern era, & to some degree, that’s true: without the discovery of hormones (turn of the last century) and the development of surgeries… Continue Reading

Trans Exhibit Takes’s 1st Place announced the winners of its “Since Stonewall Local Histories Contest” on Monday, June 28, exactly 41 years after Stonewall and 1st place went to a trans oriented exhibit. 1st – “Man-i-fest: FTM Mentorship in San Francisco from 1976 –… Continue Reading

Lady Painter & Hunger Striker

An old friend of mine wrote a cover article for the Times Literary Supplement about the first hunger striker, Marion Wallace-Dunlop. What interesting about his research is that it’s not about her alone, but about the way she understood media… Continue Reading

NYPD Stonewall Documents Now Online

Wow: Jonanthan Ned Katz & David Carter filed an FOI (Freedom of Information Act) to get NYPD documents for the days of the Stonewall uprising, and has put those documents up at The New York Times has done a… Continue Reading

Lambda Lit Awards

Congrats to all the winners! 21st LAMBDA LITERARY AWARD WINNERS for BOOKS PUBLISHED IN 2008 TRANSGENDER Intersex (For Lack of a Better Word), Thea Hillman, Manic D Press


It’s damned pathetic that same sex marriage isn’t a done deal in NYS yet, but senators are still waffling? Get with the program, folks. You’re on the wrong side of history. (via Queerty)


The precursor of “tomboy” is hoyden, which Michele Ann Abate describes as follows: First appearing in the late 16th Century, the term shares a similar etymology history: it also referred to rambunctions boys and men rather than girls and women.… Continue Reading

Trans Couples Talk

This is the text of the talk I gave at the Liberty Conference on May 2nd, 2009: How We Love You: Let Us Count the Ways There are partners who are male, female, and trans; there are partners who met… Continue Reading

Poland’s Transgender Activist History

I love the idea of gathering individual countries’ histories with trans activism. Here’s Poland’s, written by Wiktor “Latarnik” Dynarski (as far as I can tell(. Has anyone seen / written / compiled ones about other countries?

Honored Finalist: Yours Truly

As it turns out, A Room of Her Own Foundation chose a short list of their “Honored Finalists” and yours truly is on it. Yes, I used my legal name, and someday I’ll say more about that, but you’ll be… Continue Reading

Women’s History Month Quiz

(via Feministing) Deborah Siegel, over at Girl w/ Pen, is trying to start a little infectious blog quiz. If you’ve got one, paste these questions and add one of your own, then post it up at your blog so we… Continue Reading

Lambda Literary Awards

This year’s Lambda Literary Awards Finalists have been posted. In the Transgender category: 10,000 Dresses, Marcus Ewert & Rex Ray, Seven Stories Press Intersex (For Lack of a Better Word), Thea Hillman, Manic D Press Two Truths and a Lie,… Continue Reading