Obama Adds Protections

President Obama will sign executive orders to grant employees working for federal contractors and federal workers freedom from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. That is, he’s doing what Congress – the House, specifically – has not done… Continue Reading

HUD Backs Trans Couple

So this is cool news: a trans person and her partner were evicted from their housing, and…  More than a year later, the Justice Department followed through on filing the case, which seeks any injunction restoring the couple’s housing, barring… Continue Reading

Go Canada!

Canada has just passed a bill that would protect transgender people nationally. The Prime Minister voted against it, and it still has to make it through the Senate, but still: impressive. I’m adding a bit sent in by a reader… Continue Reading

Huge News: Trans & Title VII

HUGE news, and long awaited: An employer who discriminates against an employee or applicant on the basis of the person’s gender identity is violating the prohibition on sex discrimination contained in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964,… Continue Reading

New HUD Rules

HUD, or the US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, has made LGBTQ a protected identity when it comes to discrimination in housing. Amazing news.

Anti-Non-Discrimination, or Legal Discrimination

What the hell is going on in this country? While I find most of my students are surprised – and appalled – that there is no federal non-discrimination legislation that includes LGBTQs, states are now passing amendments to prevent any… Continue Reading

DOL Adds Gender Identity to EEOC

Good to see. TLDEF applauds the United States Department of Labor’s announcement yesterday that it has taken steps to protect its transgender workers from employment discrimination. The Department of Labor added gender identity as a protected category in its equal… Continue Reading

Discrimination Suit: Man Enough

A man whose job it was to make sure men in recovery don’t switch their urine for someone else’s got fired because he wasn’t born with a penis. TLDEF brought the case, which has now been reported in The New… Continue Reading

Go Massachusetts!

The governor of MA just signed a law that bans discrimination against state employees who are trans. “This is going to make a real difference in the lives of transgender state workers and their families,” said G­unner Scott, executive director… Continue Reading

Discrimination Against Trans People Documented

NCTE and The Task Force released the findings of an extensive survey on the kinds of discrimination faced by trans people in the US. It’s not good news, and anyone who is surprised that it’s not good news hasn’t been… Continue Reading

Discrimination by Medical Personnel

Sadly, a sickening case of discrimination just happened at a hospital in Indiana. This treatment is the kind we all fear.

Missive from Missoula

Missoula, Montana passed an ordinance preventing their citizens from discriminating against other citizens on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. It seems so sane, and simple, really. I was thinking that maybe, just maybe, those of us in… Continue Reading

Housing Discrimination Protections

A transgender apartment-hunter thought he’d found a perfect place in Baltimore. But when he showed up, the woman raised the rent by $100 over the advertised price, said she would only take cash and was clearly uncomfortable. Last year, the… Continue Reading

ENDA Petition

Sign the petition to Speaker Nancy Pelosi from the Courage Campaign and GetEQUAL. Dear Speaker Nancy Pelosi — With health care legislation passing, now is the time to institute workplace protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people by passing… Continue Reading

No Discrimination Based on Gender Identity

From today’s NYT: WASHINGTON — The Obama administration has inserted language into the federal jobs Web site explicitly banning employment discrimination based on gender identity. More here. But yeah, let’s keep criticizing the guy for not doing enough fast enough.… Continue Reading

Transgender Workplace Discrimination Stats

I don’t remember hearing anything about this study, nor that the results were in, but I thought others might want to check it out. The key findings are: Survey respondents reported twice the unemployment rate of the population at large.… Continue Reading