(The interview with the guy at 2:00 is especially cool.)

Because No-one Is Perfect.

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Disability’s Top 10 of 2012

Closed Captioning required on the Internet. Repeal of the CLASS Act. Senate FAIL Mainstream Media Representations Olympics! Violence Against Those with Disabilities Custodial Parents with Disabilities Cuts in Services Globally Passage of the Affordable Care Act Shootings in Aurora and… Continue Reading

This TDOR: Why Not “Tranny”?

& To close this year’s Trasngender Day of Remembrance, a note from Mara Keisling of NCTE on what the day means, why not “tranny,” and what next: The Day of Remembrance, which we commemorate tomorrow, is a time of mourning… Continue Reading

Disability Punk’d

I just discovered this new blog by a woman with disabilities: she goes out with a webcam on her chair & tapes her interactions with various people, edits, & posts the results. Nice guerrilla journalism, & a real eye-opener on… Continue Reading