Sweet Couple

I just read this lovely article about Debbie & Brian McCloskey – “He Wears a Dress, She’s Fine with That” out of LA Weekly. Made me almost sentimental about when we came out as that kind of couple, and it… Continue Reading

William T. Vollman, Crossdresser

So here’s an interesting artistic/literary take on crossdressing that is definitely not the standard narrative and yet shares some commonalities with it: In the book’s introduction, Mr. Vollmann explains that his interest in cross-dressing is more an exploration of femininity… Continue Reading

Sissy Cowboy

As many of you know, I particularly love this kind of story: about a person who just decides to be who they are in whatever small town they’re living in. In this case, Sissy is particularly amazing: to take the… Continue Reading

Terrible, Terrible Joke

(via https://www.facebook.com/ifinglovethis)

Make Your Own Dress

Okay, this is both funny and kinda gorgeous: on Reddit, a bunch of men tried their shorts on in a whole new way, creating an off-the-shoulder slinky ass dress for themselves. There’s a bunch more. I chose this one because… Continue Reading

Letter to a Crossdresser’s Wife

And while I was away, Laura Stuart of Express Milwaukee wrote this column in response to a woman who wrote in having found out her husband crossdresses.  I think she does a great job for a short column, and of… Continue Reading

Dustin Hoffman: Tootsie Was Never a Comedy For Me

If you haven’t seen this by now, you’re living under a bigger rock than I do. Still, this is astonishing. He cries. You will too. I did. “Sorry, that’s as good as it gets. That’s as beautiful as we can… Continue Reading

Crossdressed Couples: Switcheroo by Hana Pesut

I love this idea: couples were asked to switch the clothes they were wearing with each other. The ones I’ve posted here, amongst others, are the ones where the switched clothes make both people look better – in my humble… Continue Reading

RIP JoAnn Roberts – & Thank You

JoAnn Roberts, aged 65, died on June 7th, 2013. She was an early advocate for trans rights, trans community, and built a few institutions that provided people with hope, community, and resources. She started her work in the mid 1980s… Continue Reading

As Do We All, Frank.

Savage Me

My books received a lovely mention in Dan Savage’s Savage Love column this week, when a 23 year old woman wrote in confused by her boyfriend’s desire to be pegged, made-up and corseted. Tristan Taormino was the guest author, standing… Continue Reading

Crossdressing Room

What a great piece on identity, crossdressing, and the internet: I grew up surrounded by the notion that bodies and identities come in 1:1 ratios: we get a body and an identity. But from as early as I remember, I… Continue Reading


There are so few articles about sissies; there really should be more. But Brianna Austin gives us a little bit of a rundown: The sissy, however, doesn’t see himself as a women; in fact he is firmly rooted in the… Continue Reading

CrossDresser Humor

Jessica Who makes me laugh. Maybe she’ll make you laugh too. You can check out her “Best of” videos here, and her channel is cool too.

How to Say ‘Panties’

(There are some other really great ones, like coccyx, synechdoche, and carpe diem.)

Captain Crossdresser

This is fantastic. So exactly right on, too. There only seem to be three so far, but I hope there are more on their way.

Transvestic Disorder? Really?!

Yes, really. The proposed idea is for DSM V, the same book that wants to change Gender Identity Disorder to Gender Incongruence is also planning on changing Transvestic Fetishism to Transvestic Disorder. (You can see all the relevant proposed changes… Continue Reading

Luann Comic

For your consideration: But why is that the case?

Chinese Crossdressers

What a list! China Today has a list of the Top Ten Crossdressers (more like trans-feminine spectrum) and most of them are young and very pretty. (thanks to Jenny for the link!)

Today: Dan Savage

I’m going to be on the Dan Savage LoveCast tomorrow at 2PM PST, talking about crossdressing & crossdressers. (Hint: that’s 4PM Appleton time & 5PM NYC time.) Update, 2:44 PM PST: I recorded the call with Dan a few minutes… Continue Reading