Emma Holten’s Consent

Here’s a smart piece about consent and revenge porn, in which a woman who was a victim of it decided to get new photos taken & publish them herself in order to establish her own agency & autonomy. She doesn’t… Continue Reading

Lab-grown Vaginas

For real, folks. Not only can they grow them but they can implant them. A tissue sample and a biodegradable scaffold were used to grow vaginas in the right size and shape for each woman as well as being a… Continue Reading

Because No-one Is Perfect.

(via Upworthy)

Mirror Images

My friend Miriam Hall recently wrote about her experience seeing herself in a mirror when she wasn’t expecting to. She didn’t like what she saw: The mirror showed me my body—stout, short and plump. But what the mirror really showed… Continue Reading


The other day I was poking around the internet for the answer to a particular question: whether or not wearing a bra at night keeps boobs safe from the forces of gravity. I started doing that very thing a few… Continue Reading

Naked Trans Women

It’s embarrassing to hear that my fellow feminists are shaming trans women for their bodies. It breaks my heart, really. I’ve probably seen more trans women naked than the average person, and there’s nothing scary about their bodies. They’re beautiful… Continue Reading

Barbie Vagina

No, really: you can get surgery – called “The Barbie” – to remove your labia minora so you can have a ‘tidy’ seam of a vagina instead of – well, a regular one. For those of you who don’t know,… Continue Reading

Olympics Photos

Nate Jones has done a nice photo essay on “what if all Olympic sports were photographed like women’s beach volleyball?” which makes the point very, very clear. (& Some of you out there will be all for this turn of… Continue Reading

Treated Like a Woman (Or a Young Black Man)

My friend Lena pointed out this short article on Think Progress by Alyssa Rosenberg about the return of D’Angelo to me, which talks about how D’Angelo was undone by the pressure to strip – and maintain an exacting and desired… Continue Reading

Andrej Pejic in Push-Up Bra Ads

Oh, I love the gender deconstructing that’s going on in the wake of Andrej Pejic’s career. Now, he’s in ads for a “super push up” bra. The most common plastic surgery for men is for gynecomastia – that is, to… Continue Reading

Vertical Smile? Really?

Oy. That said, this little “ID the V” parts quiz is a good thing. (via Jessica Valenti on Google+)

Nothing New Under the Sun

To a lot of people, transgender identities are new, some emerging idea that’s only happened in the modern era, & to some degree, that’s true: without the discovery of hormones (turn of the last century) and the development of surgeries… Continue Reading

Not More Than a Mouthful

I miss mine, to be honest. Glad to hear not all women with smaller busts are constantly trying to make it all bigger, or to make it appear bigger, even. With all the hormones in our food, it’s going to… Continue Reading

And Yet, Simultaneously…

We’ve got London Fog paring Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) down to size. Which puts my “yay, the future!” optimism on hold. Because it’s always been okay for skinny white guys to do whatever they want, while women, and actual gay… Continue Reading

Trans Model in French Vogue

I had a friend do a translation of the text that accompanies the photo: Lea, Born Again. New top model alert: in this fall’s Givenchy campaign, Lea is standing, in feathers, close to Mariacarla, Malgosia and Joan Smalls.  With hollow… Continue Reading

Cooter Couture

Saturday is a good day to talk about vaginas, no? AlterNet seems to think so, with this lovely article about all the stuff the health & beauty industry thinks is wrong with yours, & how they can fix it: with… Continue Reading

This Just In: Men Have Ordinary Bodies, Too

Who knew? But watch for the guys with regular bodies during the Superbowl (where it might be otherwise unclear that we are not engineering masculinity these days).

Meat or People

There’s a great video about how women’s bodies are represented in media that was just brought to my attention. It’s in Italian with English subtitles and worth watching. That said, some of the images are really upsetting (and all were… Continue Reading