Film about Angie Zapata

A film made about the life & death of Angie Zapata is premiering this week in Denver: This local story is told by local filmmakers. Denver company Loco Lane Filmworks, helmed by Director Alan Dominguez, created this 1-hour documentary by… Continue Reading

Pride Month: Honoring Emma Goldman

Emma Goldman has always been one of my heroes, and that’s despite the fact that she never quite said that famous quote attributed to her about dancing & revolution. Or rather, she didn’t say the t-shirt version. What she said… Continue Reading

Lambda Lit Awards

Congrats to all the winners! 21st LAMBDA LITERARY AWARD WINNERS for BOOKS PUBLISHED IN 2008 TRANSGENDER Intersex (For Lack of a Better Word), Thea Hillman, Manic D Press

Lambda Literary Awards

This year’s Lambda Literary Awards Finalists have been posted. In the Transgender category: 10,000 Dresses, Marcus Ewert & Rex Ray, Seven Stories Press Intersex (For Lack of a Better Word), Thea Hillman, Manic D Press Two Truths and a Lie,… Continue Reading

Soeur Emmanuelle

Here’s a woman who got a heck of a lot less press than Mother Theresa, but who, in my opinion, took the best stands on things like contraception. I’m entirely flummoxed at her descriptions of her own desire & flirtation,… Continue Reading

Review: Becoming Drusilla

Nettie, one of our regulars on the MHB Boards, wrote a fantastic review of this book, and I thought more people should see it. My sister is frustrated, she tells me, because she feels as though she’s the only one… Continue Reading

Which Side Are You On?

It IS May Day. If everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, then shouldn’t everyone be a pinko on May Day? Here are some of my favorite lefty reads: Empire Statesman: The Rise and Redemption of Al Smith. – it’s this… Continue Reading

Top Ten Trans Reads

Out Magazine recently put together a really asinine list of transgender books for their transgender issue. I haven’t seen the issue, but the list doesn’t really inspire me to go buy it, either, since Myra Breckinridge is on it. For… Continue Reading

Tillie Olsen

I didn’t know she died last year. I’m feeling a bit like a door just hit me in the face. I came to know her through her work at CUNY’s Feminist Press, and it was like a revelation: a working… Continue Reading

Writer’s Digest

There’s an article in this month’s Writer’s Digest about “Alternative Fare” and specifically the LGBT markets in publishing, and I was interviewed for the T section. Boyd points out that people of variant sexuality have always appeared in literature. “There… Continue Reading

Seal Press Feminism

Tomorrow night I’m doing a reading with a few other Seal Press authors at the McNally Robinson bookstore here in New York: Jessica Valenti, of Feministing, and author of Full Frontal Feminism and Audacia Ray, who wrote Naked on the… Continue Reading

Book Lists

I was just poking around to see if Julia Serano’s Whipping Girl is listed yet (it is), & happened to find Jessica Valenti’s favorite feminist book list. Of course she has her own book listed as one of them,… Continue Reading

St. Patrick’s Day

Until the AOH figure out they should let gay folks march in the St. Patrick’s Day parade, I decided I’d post the biography of an Irish person who happens to be gay on St. Patrick’s Day, instead, because it’s so… Continue Reading

NYC: Reading Tonight!

Tonight I’ll be reading from She’s Not the Man I Married as part of Rachel Kramer Bussel’s In the Flesh Erotic Reading Series at the Happy Ending Lounge. Check our calendar for more info, or check RKB’s website.

NYC: Erotic Memoirs on 1/17

I’ll be reading from She’s Not the Man I Married on Wednesday, January 17th as part of Rachel Kramer Bussel’s In the Flesh Erotic Reading Series at the Happy Ending Lounge. Details are here (or below). Get there by 7:30… Continue Reading

HB: In the Flesh

I just received the final lineup for the Erotic Memoirs Reading I’ll be doing for Rachel Kramer Bussel’s In the Flesh series on January 17th.

Confirmed Events

I will have the extreme pleasure and honor of introducing Leslie Feinberg at the State Museum of New York in Albany, this coming February 3rd. Betty and I will also be attending IFGE 2007, in Philly, where I’ll be presenting… Continue Reading


As I promised Gracie a while back, the whole issue of women & music has been chafing my ass a lot lately. I’ve been a musichead all my life. I love music, I love bands, I love seeing live shows.… Continue Reading

A Queer Sunday

Reading John Waters’ article about Tennesee Williams – and in The New York Times Book Review, no less! – was a treat. I love them both, for being queer, for their art, for their humor and sarcasm and truth. These… Continue Reading

Paris Review?!

Oh, the sobbing and wailing and gnashing of teeth! Literary hoaxsters awash on The Strand… except that that’s not the way it goes, is it? Instead, James Frey gets more time on Oprah and wait, is that Laura Albert on… Continue Reading