Your Own Ethics, or Someone Else’s

The essential issue with a surgery that people get to eliminate or “westernize” the epicanthic fold in their eyelid isn’t dissimilar from too many other arguments about similar surgeries: do you get bigger breasts to fit in, to feel happier,… Continue Reading

Dustin Hoffman: Tootsie Was Never a Comedy For Me

If you haven’t seen this by now, you’re living under a bigger rock than I do. Still, this is astonishing. He cries. You will too. I did. “Sorry, that’s as good as it gets. That’s as beautiful as we can… Continue Reading


Honestly, I understand why people are starting to turn to ’70s porn: now everyone looks like (a) a child, (b) a plucked chicken, or (3) some kind of weird sea organism. Robert, a 25-year-old investment manager from Massachusetts, trims his… Continue Reading

Pretty Green

An article by, which I found via BlogHer, and via Sarah, tell us the truth about what it means for women to spend so much money on our looks: More money on mascara means less money donated to politicians… Continue Reading