Mara Keisling’s Lessons for Activists

Mara Keisling of NCTE spoke here at Lawrence a little over a week ago and she talked not just about trans issues and policy and legislation, but also about the importance of white people talking about racism and about what… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Theme Songs

In the light of some upcoming news, I thought I’d post two songs today that are ones I really do hum to myself when I need them, when my spine isn’t feeling as tall as I’d like. I first heard… Continue Reading

New MVA Policy Detrimental to Trans Marylanders

Equality Maryland is Maryland’s largest LGBT civil rights organization. They recently sent out this information about the proposed changes to the rules for changing gender on MD driver’s licenses. The Maryland Vehicle Administration (MVA) is currently considering an update to… Continue Reading

Queer the Census

As usual, The Task Force rocks. People may or may not know that the upcoming US Census will not be counting us, & so they’ve created a sticker with which you can seal your census after you fill it out.… Continue Reading

ENDA Introduced in Senate Today

The gender-inclusive version of ENDA is going to be introduced in the Senate today, & we REALLY REALLY need this, & so REALLY REALLY need you to contact your senators. PFLAG has a tidy little letter to send to your… Continue Reading

Everything is Amazing, Nobody is Happy

Honestly, this is the way I feel about Obama being president: and within the LGBT community especially, as if I’m surrounded by people who can’t give it a minute to get back from space. In five months: Lily Ledbetter funding… Continue Reading

In Defense of Autumn

Autumn Sandeen used to cull stories for the Transgender News Yahoo Group; she’s been blogging for forever, and not long ago became a key poster and moderator at Pam’s House Blend. Recently, people have given her holy hell for shutting… Continue Reading

ENDA 2009

Here’s a Washington Blade article about Barney Frank which discusses his opinions on this year’s efforts to get a gender-inclusive ENDA passed: Frank said transgender activists and allies have been lobbying lawmakers to support the gender identity provisions, and he’s… Continue Reading

Poland’s Transgender Activist History

I love the idea of gathering individual countries’ histories with trans activism. Here’s Poland’s, written by Wiktor “Latarnik” Dynarski (as far as I can tell(. Has anyone seen / written / compiled ones about other countries?

Transfer to Heaven (Via Text Messages)

I love this idea. Love and mourning can be such interesting inspirations for art, and in her case, activism.

Trans Equality & the Feds

NCTE asks: What would federal policy look like if transgender people were fully and fairly included? Over the past months and years, NCTE has compiled a list of 112 separate policies that directly impact the lives of transgender people and… Continue Reading

Cynthia Nicole

Human Rights Watch is asking Honduras authorities to investigate the murder or transgender activist Cynthia Nicole, who was murdered on January 9th, 2009. As a leader in Colectivo Violeta – an organization working to defend the rights and health of… Continue Reading

1st Trans Officer of State Dems

From National Stonewall Democrats: Washington, DC – Today, the Stonewall Democrats congratulated Laura Calvo upon her election as Treasurer of the Democratic Party of Oregon. Calvo, a seasoned Democratic operative, becomes the first openly-transgender officer of a state Democratic party.… Continue Reading

Day 2

It only seems right that I should blog from the LGBT bloggers’ initiative, even though the schedule leaves precious little time. Last night was the introductory mixer at the HRC offices – which are very fancy & chic, in case… Continue Reading

Trans Activism in the Heartland

Ann at Feministing posted about this really good article from The American Prospect about trans activism in the heartland and a companion article about gay activism’s slow adoption of trans issues. Many would view the politically red heart of the… Continue Reading

RIP “Foole”

George Carlin died tonight, in LA, at the age of 71. I don’t even know what to say: he is probably Betty’s all time favorite comedian & one of mine as well. There are so many of us who grew… Continue Reading

T Shirt

I don’t often wear trans shirts when I’m with Betty – no need to out her casually, she does enough outreach for one trans person – but Betty was sick this past week & so I was walking to my… Continue Reading

NC Robo-Calls

I was recently in the running in a “Top Ten Female Bloggers” contest sponsored by, which, as it turns out, is the organization that seems to be behind some baffling robo-calls to voters in NC (amongst other places). Now… Continue Reading

The Trip to SC, Pt. 5 (conclusion)

After dinner, Jasmyne Cannick spoke about race + homophobia. I’m going to summarize some of her comments in another post so that they might be available for trans groups doing outreach into racial minority communities. But she was good, funny,… Continue Reading

ENDA Links

For more reading about ENDA than you might ever want, I’ve put together a bunch of the articles, essays, & blog posts on the topic since it was introduced in April, below the break: